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I don’t know where to Post my question so I do it here ^^ .

Can edging help to cement gain ?

I make some edging on my on or off routine day (1 to 2 hour of edging) and I want if it’s good or bad to achieve result of my PE routine .

Start 2009/05 : NBPEL: 6.6" / EG:4.9

Now : NBPEL:6.85 / EG: 5.12

Goal: NPBEL 7.5" / EG: 6"

Opinions differ on that, andrealphus. Most vets believe edging can’t help achieving gains, nor are enough to cement gains.

The reason is that: while sleeping, we have harder erections than we can have while edging, so if edging would be enough to retain gains, just sleeping would also be enough, so you wouldn’t need edging to cement/help gains.

Uhmm…hope it is clear. :)

Man, a lot of you guys starting stats aren’t all that shabby, they’re more like realistic goals for me, haha.

So, edging cannot be counter productive ? I’ll continue to edge cause it help me to train my BC muscle and the ejaculation control .

Start 2009/05 : NBPEL: 6.6" / EG:4.9

Now : NBPEL:6.85 / EG: 5.12

Goal: NPBEL 7.5" / EG: 6"

I don’t think it can hurt, andrealphus.

1 month challenge accepted

Hi I have started PE from today.. I m 23 yrs old nd m indian(does ethnicity matter?)

.I currently measure 7x6.first I wanna know if this is avg size or small..

I want to have a 8x6 measurement.please tell me at wat erection level should I jelq..

I read the 1 month challenge post and m up for it..

Hope to gain 1/4 inch this month with the newbie routine.or if I should do another routine for my goal please tell me.and any one else up for the one month challenge

Hi and welcome,

First 7 inches in length is well above average, 6 inches girth is very big, way above average.

Don’t expect to much result in the first month, focus on slowly getting your penis used to the exercises.
So don’t grip to hard, or use a lot of pressure.

Good luck!

27/05/07 7,6" Bpel - 5,3" Eg - 5,3" Fl

02/06/08 8,1" Bpel - 5,6" Eg - 5,7" Fl

To all newbies who want to post their pics: start a new thread calling it “[username] pics”, then pm to a mod to move the thread in the member pics section. Finally you can upload your pics.

In example, if I am a newbie, I open the “marinera’ pics” thread, then I ask to a mod to move thread, then upload.

Hi, I’m new to all of this. So I apologise if I don’t know what any of the acronyms you’re using mean yet but I started yesterday and hope to see improvements :)

Welcome Crim. To know what acronyms mean just stick on them with the mouse-pointer for few seconds, and a mouse-hint will appear.

Good luck!

Hello everyone I was just able to register! I have no idea what I’m doing and doubt size is possible, but reading this forum for awhile brings new hope. So I now begin my trek!

Starting size (hard to measure because confidence is really low and I lose size just when the tape comes out)!

Around 6-6 1/2 x 5

Hello skepticjohn, you’re above average and hopely you can become bigger.

Good luck.

A big hello to the members of Thundersplace!! At first I was a sceptic of PE. I had tried the pills on two separate occasions a few years apart. I tried them the second time because I thought that maybe I took the wrong ones or something. Yeah, yeah.I fell for it twice!! I came across this site a few weeks ago while tying to find out if small magnetic weights could be something that might work. I had actually ordered them before even doing any homework but, my searching for an answer led me here!! Now I’ve been PEing for a little under three weeks. I started off with a little too much from what the vets have all said but, have since fallen into the newbie routine with ten minutes of stretching instead of five. I am noticing minor improvements all ready!! A slightly better looking flaccid hang and I feel a little girthier. Not much but, enough that I can notice!! Also, for about the past week I have been waking up with “raging” erections in the middle of the night. So much pressure that it wakes me up!! I have also been able to maintain a better erection now. For the past year it seemed like I could only get it to 75 - 80% most of the times but, even after such a short time that “problem” is going away!!

After a few short weeks I am a firm believer and so excited to be part of this community!!

Thank you in advance to all of the members for your advice!! I am thoroughly inspired!

Hi, everybody!! I’ve been exposed to manual jelqing at the age of 20 but never really stayed consistent. I’ve tried penis enlargement pills, penis pumps, jelq device, clamping, edging, weight hanging and manual stretching. I can honestly admit that I had no idea what I was doing with some of the things I mention and the others I never really stayed committed, decidated and consistent pass 4 months. I’ve gain probably somewhere between 1-1.5” BPEL since starting at the age of 20 from all of the stuff previously mention and I never really tried measuring my EG until now. Here I am now guys, 9 years later and starting at the age of 29, I started my first rededicated PE session on my “B” day which was I’ve been doing a lot of reading on this website before starting my PE session yesterday and there were a lot of things I took into consideration before starting. The main thing that caught my attention was the post by REMEK, TGC Theory. It really put things into perspective for me and really help me fine tune my PE routine, Thanks REMEK!! Starting stats: BPEL 7.4”, EG 5.1” and EQ 7.5-8 !

Welcome aboard guys.


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