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Greetings, I have high hopes as a new member and am sure all the good things I hear are true.

Been lurking for some time, finally get to register.

Hello all

Been ghosting thunders for year or so and finally was able to register

Late is better than never. :)

Have a quick question, I noticed in that my penis head, has become wrinkled. In dark light it’s noticeable and it makes it look old. Like really, really old. It’s disgusting and scary.

Ehmm…where is the ‘?'?.

Hello everyone at thunders place! My name is monkeykush and I am glad to be a part of this fourm. I have been lurking thunders since last April. The very first day that I found this site I started to PE. Like many newbies I started out with manual stretches and jelq’s. The very first night I seen a change for the better in my sexual performance and I been PEing ever since. My first measurement was about a few weeks after I started. I got a 5”1/8 x 5 if I did not push for all I was worth and 5”1/4 x 5 if I did. Well after a year of PEing I’m up to 6”-6”1/8 nbp x 6” girth.

I got my length from vacuum ADS / vac hanging using a fulcrum as well as BTC, erect jelq’s and manual stretching. I recently started to do windmill stretches and manuals before hanging and it gave me a 1/4” in 2 months.

I have learned so much from this form and I want to contribute to the knowledge base as much as possible. I have found a few techniques that I have not seen described anyware and they are safe and worked for me even though I PE very lightly. Thanks for accepting me into the fold. MK

“May 2009 Newbies Say Hello Here” .. So here I am and say : “Hello guys”
New to the forum, not new to PE .I’ve tried: manual/pills/pumping/ hanging/ADS stretcher/creams.done it for a couple of years.ON&OFF searching for the best solution, had some gains with all of these methods (lucky me) - each time going to the original size because of this on/off style .and now looking for some real gains. Does PE work ? Hell yes, you just need to know what/how to do things right .. And Thunders place is the right place to find out ;) .


Welcome and congrats for gains, MK.

Welcome EU (good username, by the way ;) ).

Thanks Marinera.

Dropping a line and saying hello. I can relate with EuropeUnited, except for that fact I have gained around .75 of an inch in length. I am also a body-builder and it’s just like body-building. If I quit working out all my muscle goes away. This time I am going to stay committed to my routine. I have my pumps coming in the next few days. (Bost 2” with suction ring, and LA pump 1.75). I am super excited to start my routine!

This Forum kicks ass!

Thanks for the add, now I can get down to some serious lovin!


Begin the PE

Hi, in first excuse my poor English.

Ok, I start PE in the begin of the month with EL : 7” and EG: 4.9”

I try the newbie routine and will post the progress made.

My Goal at long term is EL:8” and EG:6” but if I can have 7.5/5.5 in 6/8 month it’ll boost my will.

See you soon

Start 2009/05 : NBPEL: 6.6" / EG:4.9

Now : NBPEL:6.85 / EG: 5.12

Goal: NPBEL 7.5" / EG: 6"

Hi andrealphus! And welcome to the Forum.

There’s not much wrong with your English. And you’ve got very impressive starting statistics,.

So Good luck in reaching your goal! You have made a good choice in using the Newbie routine. So we hope to see you making good gains.

Good luck!


Don't be a lurker left out in the cold. :lurk: Join the happy band of donors!

Psst! The link is at the bottom of the page :bigwink:

Hi! I’m Romar, 22 years old from Philippines. I’m still gathering information before I do Jelq. I hope to find someone who can give advice and guide me throughout my journey.


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