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Hey guys!

I just registered a day or two ago and have been reading various threads since then. I heard about PE a while ago and did started up and ended about different times since I got very busy and couldn’t find time to do it. Now I’m hoping to start up again today and stick with it.

Nice site.Very informative.Hell,I figure as long as I’m careful I’ve got nothing to lose and something to gain.

Best of luck to you all and wish me some as well.

Wish you luck laskon :) .

Hello, everyone. I’m in the process of trying to better myself. I’m going back to school. I’m trying to get into shape. I figured I might as well work on my unit as well. This site seems like the best place to start, that’s for sure. See you around.

That’s a huge amount, oh well, let me decrease the number.. By 1.

Hi all! I found this forum after my morbid curiosity involving PE got the better of me. I’m happy to see that there is so much information so readily available here. I’m looking forward to being a part of this interesting community.

This post makes me feel like a virgin again.

Et... la nuit se continue. C\'est vrai. Elle est complètement dechirée - ma tête.

Whats happenin? I just happened to find this site the other day while surfing. I have only started PE stretching a few days ago, and am looking forward to some good results. I do have some questions for some of the seasoned veterans, if you don’t mind..
1. Am I fine without any equipment?
2. Has anyone experienced any negative problems?
3. Is stretching something that can be done forever?


First post

Hello to all of the very hardworking moderators on this site, and to all members. I’ve just become a member and have discovered there’s a tremendous amount of information to go through. It’s great knowing that there is a place where I can ask any question related to PE and obtain information from such a vast audience.

I look forward to learning a lot, and contributing where I can. I’ve just started the Newbie Routine and will report progress. Looks like I have some measuring to do. I do have one quick question. Is it normal to have a relatively desensitized penis after a routine? I’ve noticed that it feels similar to what I’ve experienced after a brief pumping session. I suppose I just answered my own question, as both routines are essentially doing the same thing. I appreciate your feedback nonetheless.

Thanks again, and I look forward to long and expansive relationship (pun intended).

Wadup folks! Gonna dedicate myself to this for a year, and see if it’s the real deal! Must be a frickin’ good feeling to know that you have an inch or so of hard, honest work between your legs..

Wish me luck y’all, proud to be here.

I’ve been doing this for about a month and already had solid irrefutable length gains. Nigh an Inch, it’s really something. No girth however. I want girth. Gimme.

I’ve posted on this board before, but I figure I might as well

New Guy Here


I’m new to all this and just started the Newbie Routine about two days ago..
I’m starting with a 7 inch. BPEL want to gain an inch if possible and some girth!! Looking forward to talking with all y’all

I found this site a year or so ago. I’ve jelqed off and on this last year. I did not really commit myself to it. Just playing around to see if I could get some results. The most I’ve jelqed was 3 days on one day off for a couple of weeks. Probably 20 minutes per session. Then skipped a month. Then back on for a couple of weeks. Gave myself some red spots on the head so I guess I was really putting the pressure on. I started out at BPEL - 6.5 and EG - 5.25. I measured myself recently and found that I have grown .25” in length and girth. So now I’m 6.75 X 5.5. I was out with a gal a couple weeks ago and she said I was huge. Then later she said I had a big penis. I was like .what. I told her I always felt I was about average. Although I have been known to be wrong at times. After hearing what she had to say and thinking I gained a quarter inch just messing around, I figured I would commit to PE. I just got a Pro sizer stretcher in the mail. The silicone noose can be a little painful, however I have gotten use to it over this last few days. I just ordered an X4 labs top part that has the foam padding. Anyway, I’m dedicating myself to this and see what I can get to. My goal is to be an 8 X 6. Thanks for letting me post, and thanks for reading this.


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