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Originally Posted by superfly
I guess I'm tired of reading about guys that already have huge dicks and are posting great stats
In their first thread. Things like that that only feed my paranoia about the PE business.

Starting stats:
Length: 7” NBPEL
Girth: Pretty good, according to my girlfriends. I’m guessing between 5,5”-6”. Especially a large head.
The thing about a large head is unquestionable since all women have troubles giving me a bj,
Which I’ve actually never even enjoyed because of their teeth.

Then maybe you shouldn’t have begun posting with a starting size of 7” NBPEL. ;)


I’ve been lurking around for weeks.. This site is an inspiration for me.. Hope I can gain too.. Congrats to all contributors.


Yeah ok. I realize how it might sound. Anyway I’ve been a lurker for a long time, but now I will try to contribute, if I can.

Howdy. Found this site a month ago and started PE three weeks ago. My initial goal is a half inch gain in both length in girth. I’ll be sure to follow the wisdom and keep at it.

Hey Guy’s. I just wanna say this place is amazing!! I started in September 2007, and was about 6.5” by 5”. Since then I’ve been doing stretches every morning in the shower, and at night have been doing hard jelq exercises, stretching it to the max. Since then I’ve gained loads and am now, 8.5” to 6.5” and am a very happy man :D . I enjoy the compliments from the girls and am now reaching for my goal of 9” by 7”. Which is the max I want to reach. Thank you very much for everything. This site is amazing ;)


Official newbie here.

7” BPEL x 4.75” girth

Obviously my girth is pathetic and I wouldn’t mind adding a little length too.

Hate the fact that when I hang flaccid it looks much smaller than it really is (I am a grower not a shower).

Don’t like to jelq at ALL. I even bought the jelq device that looks like two paint rollers connected by a metal handle. Doesn’t make it easier.

The only thing I can commit to is low-pressure vacuum (I don’t want the discoloration that has become so obvious on heavy duty users)
And weight hanging.

I sort of made my own homemade bib hanger from stuff at Home Depot and it works pretty well. I hang 10 pounds on it.

I also heat up the entire penis before any hanging or vacuuming by using an infrared spot lamp which was originally designed for a reptile tank. Works pretty well at what it does.

This site is the best ever P.E. Site. Bar none. Thank you to the mods for allowing me to register & post.

Jelqing for health

Greetings Folks,

I was able to join recently and I’m preparing to start a careful newbie routine and log once I finish this diet and read a bit more. Thanks to all the great posters! I’m very excited to get started :)

Well, I must say I found some of the penis stories very motivating here. And, as a straight man, I think I can honestly say I NEVER thought I would be excited about a penis story, unless it was my own. Bib’s story is amazing.. 4.5” of gains..

I am a bit worried about causing myself irreversible damage, although it appears if I take things slow, and just work into things/ make sure I stretch/ warm up, I’ll probably be ok.

I’m amazed that you guys have this free forum with all this information. I pretty much thought I was stuck with EXACTLY what I was born with and it would never change.

In hindsight, after reading through many many posts, I was brought back to something I had forgotten. I’m currently 33—back when I was a teenager my penis was crooked.. It would point off more to one side. I would always push it the other way when I took showers, do other things.. And after a few years, it was completely/ perfectly straight. I also gained 1” or 1/2”..

Now, I sort of couldn’t believe I had made those gains, so I sort of just wrote it off—

After reading this forum, I guess it confirmed my experience—

I’m going to try & carefully track my progress here—and see where things go from there.

I have actually had 3x different friends (2x I’m still in touch with) with 9” wankers, and I’m sick of hearing them brag.. Now that would be quite funny if I could actually get mine just a bit bigger so they would shut up.

Originally Posted by antoniorosa
I also heat up the entire penis before any hanging or vacuuming by using an infrared spot lamp which was originally designed for a reptile tank. Works pretty well at what it does.

That’s a crazy good idea—assuming it works well— I just wonder, are those things expensive or hard to find?

Originally Posted by blink2000

I just wonder, are those things expensive or hard to find?

They are easy to find in the UK. And inexpensive.

Proper IR lamps designed for humans are not expensive, just a little harder to find locally, but a couple of minutes searching the web turns plenty up.

Heat makes the difference between gaining quickly or slowly for some guys, or between gaining slowly instead of not at all for others. And the ideal penis size is 7.6" BPEL x 5.6" Mid Girth.

Basics.... firegoat roll How to use the Search button for best results

Newbie checking in!

.. Well forum newbie that is, I’ve actually been in the PE business for a considerable ammount of years, both offline and online.
I have a fairly impressive ammount of experience in pretty much every aspect of PE, from the basics of manual exercises right thru to pills/pumps/lotions and devices.

It’s something thats interested me for some time now, and I’m still a big PE fanatic today, and I’m still learning new things and trying new workouts/products.

I look forward to learning more things here, and also sharing my experiances with everyone else.

6,25x5,5 saying hi.

Thanks firegoat


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