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Lose your Thundersplace posting virginity here!

Been a member since 2004 and have never posted. I kinda forgot about this site for awhile and got back involved with PE just this week. I’m looking forward to becoming more active. It’s a cool site.

Hey, I joined just about 2-3 days ago, and this is my second day on the newbie routine.I’m pretty pumped about the possibilities of enlargement! I’m pretty sure I haven’t been this pumped about something in a long time!


I had been a member since a long time but never posted. It had been pretty difficult for me to do PE regularly but I have seen some gains over a period of time.

Welcome to the posting side of the forum blazingsun, good luck with those future gains.

You too gainer!

Hey guys,I’m new here

Whoops I should have came here first.

Hi everyone

Is this one of those forums that if you don’t meat a quota of posts or have a certain level of inactivity your account is canceled?

Ok good I was recently part of a forum that canceled my account before it even had a chance. I’m not looking to post whore, but I have been reading for a while waiting for registration to open so that I may get on here.


Been wanting to join since nov. Hello

Hello, joined a few weeks ago.

Hello, I’ve been PE for about 1 1/2 month now. And it’s going, lets say not good but not bad either so I hope it will be better in the future!

And congratulations to all you fast big-gainer.


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