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Hi all,

I’ve registered with the site a few years ago, but have been too shy to post..

Well, there goes that cherry.

I have learned a good bit about my ole buddy, ole pal and believe this site to be a fairly untapped men’s goldmine. I wish everyone here the best of luck with their adventure.

Start stats:
Sometime in Jan-2006 5.5 BPEL x 4.75 EG
I have not kept up with a routine, just some stretches and a few dry jelqs here and there.

As of today 3.25 NBPFL, 5.875 BPEL, 5 NBPEL, 5.25 EG @ Base, 5 EG @ mid, top, and head

My target: 6.25-7 EL and 5.25-5.5 EG

Welcome to the posting side all you first time posters. Posting is like going to a party, it’s better to participate than be on the sidelines. :)

Hey, what’s up.

Definitely. I am a member of some non-PE related forums and was shy for a long while on them, as well. Once I started posting, it became much more educational and fun.

Originally Posted by stangfreak00

Definitely. I am a member of some non-PE related forums and was shy for a long while on them, as well. Once I started posting, it became much more educational and fun.

If anything is going to get you over shyness, and be fun, posting here will. Glad you have joined us on the posting side, and for showing that even with a mild routine, you can still slowly gain some size.

Heat makes the difference between gaining quickly or slowly for some guys, or between gaining slowly instead of not at all for others. And the ideal penis size is 7.6" BPEL x 5.6" Mid Girth.

Basics.... firegoat roll How to use the Search button for best results

Hey Guys

I have been reading the forum like nuts for about a week and joined over the weekend.

Like many members here, I have heard about surgeries, pills, and other snake oil kinds of things for years.

Even in sex advice columns, I was always checking to see if anyone ever would say there was a real and permanent way to attain PE. Well, fat chance of that. It was always, “Shut up and be happy with what you’ve got. There is no way to make it bigger.”
So, I just accepted that. I’ve got other things going for me. Nevertheless, I kept my eyes and ears open.

Then I stumbled in here. The things I have read here indicate to me that this is the real deal. It just looks like hard work, patience, and dedication are required.
I have to admit, I kind of like that. As of yet, I have never gotten anything worth having in my life without working for it.

When I find the proper place for it, I’ll post my stats and goals. Seems silly to start my own thread, as I am learning so much every day.
I have to say, hats off to you guys. Especially the vets. All the stuff you have posted is at once educational in many cases very inspiring. In the non PE related parts of the forum I have also discovered that the regular posters here are intelligent, respectful, and all in all a group of good people. That is actually a big deal. Civility and the Internet don’t always mix, and when they do it makes a big difference.

I haven’t got any huge goals in mind with this journey I’m hopping on. A half inch either way will make me hoot and holler. I’m in the average range.
No one has ever commented on my size as being a problem. Some have even said they really like my dick. I get a lot of repeats with partners.
I have had a great sex life so far and a few great long term relationships.

But damn straight, if I can gain some size, I am going for it. I’ve always been a little self conscious and would like to get past it.

I did the newbie routine last night, and am going right into the second day. It was fine and I can kind of feel and see how this could work.
I’ll report any progress or not, and I look forward to posting and participating here.

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I guess this is as good of a time as any, so, hello! Daily reader first time poster. I just want to say thanks for all of your guy’s time you have invested into this place.

Hi everyone! One more newbie here. Glad to find you!


One question why do they have this twenty post limit? It’s kind of hard when your a newb to get this number of posts when you can’t really offer that much advice that has any substance or value. All I’m able to do is go on threads like this and write spammy crap to get my post total up lol. I think I might go read the forum guidlines just to check that this kind of stuff is against the rules.

Hey roos, you can post in any thread, and start new threads in the newbie forum. The only thing the 20 post rule prevents you from doing right now is starting a new thread in other forums. It is probably just a way of preventing trouble makers from coming in and bombarding us with crap.

With all the threads in the different forums here, it should be easy for anyone to offer a comment if they really want to participate. If you don’t want to talk about PE, you can discuss current events, supplements, health, love, news, politics, sex, etc.

Also, If for some reason you need to start a thread somewhere other than the newbie forum, you can send me, or another moderator, a PM, and we will help you do that.

But, you only have 4 more posts to go anyway.

Horny Bastard

Originally Posted by ThunderSS
I wonder why so many guys “stumble in here”? Is there a bar next door to Thunder’s on Internet Street?

I can’t speak for anyone else, but mine was just a link following misadventure. The place I found the link for this board was called LPSG, which is the Large Penis Support Group. I’ll refrain from making the obvious jokes.

I can’t remember how the hell I ended up there. Just following various links in pages as I wandered around entertaining myself. It has been driving me nuts, trying to remember how I found that page, but I did. I consider it stumbling because I didn’t type PE in the Google or Yahoo and find this place. I was just fooling around online and
Boom. Maybe it was a porn site I started at, or it could be traced back somehow to Perez Hilton or the Drudge Report as those are portals that lead me all over the place.



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