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Originally Posted by gondam7
My penis is EL: 5.9” and EG:4.5”
My goals are EL:7” and EG:5.5”

Any suggestions or advices ?

Yes. Work, work, and work your penis again. Consistancy is everything. Your goal is something you can and will easily achieve. Welcome.

Originally Posted by Johnnybebad87
Hello! First post, spent the last few hours reading threads until I was validated. Must say I’m extremely intrigued by everything! I want bigger(as all of us do), my girlfriend says I’m about average at EL 6” x EG 5.5” and I wanna try a goal of EL 7” x EG 6” but as I notice you can’t just stop lol.

You are above average and yes once you start you can’t stop. Time is the only limit to any goal.Welcome.

Originally Posted by close_2_8inch
For now you should avoid clamping due to the fact your smooth muscle is like an inner tube tire inside of a bike tire. When you tried to clamped your penis for the first time you must crushed it down way too much with the clamp and your smooth muscle is not as strong as it needed to be in the first place. I would say the good thing is that pain is gone now and I would assume you are now able to get erections without no pain? If this is the case I would recommend that you make your smooth muscle much stronger by performing jelqs at higher erection level but NOT 100% full on erection level; this should be AVOIDED because you are a newbie. Also add edging with kegels at the end of your PE sessions. Both of these exercises will improve your EQ. In two weeks you will see improvements and in 2 months you should have close to rock hard erections. Stay safe with your PE routine and really try to stay in tune with your penis when you are PEing. You can revisit clamping at a later time and 2 months in to a NEWBIE ROUTINE is a NO NO !! People on here advise NEWBIES should have been PEing at least ONE year before trying to clamp for the first time, so I am also going to tell you stick to the same GUIDELINE. Good luck with your PE career and work on that EQ. :-)

Thank you for the reply! Yes, no pain during erections. Thankfully I didn’t have any pain while erect, just mild pain at the base for maybe three days throughout the day while flaccid. I think I really may have lucked out and dodged a bullet. I’m sure it could have been much worse.

And thank you for the advise on catering my PE towards erection quality. It is a great recommendation, I will definitely try it out!

I am totally new, hi everyone :)

Hello everyone I’m about 5.9 in BPEL and about 5.5 EG my main focus is length is my 7.5 x 6 goal achivable ?? And whats the best way to increase LENGTH

1st time post

Welcome Lusch and lucky1133! Good to have you on board!

Lusch, do the Newbie Routine for a few months and think about specializing after your penis is adequately conditioned.

:_pump: :donatecar

Yes I have been for about a months and have went from aprox . 5.8 BPEL to 6.1 !! I will change the routine in the upcoming months to something harder that my conditioned penis can handle but idk what routine to do besides linear noobie lol

Originally Posted by Lusch
Hello everyone I’m about 5.9 in BPEL and about 5.5 EG my main focus is length is my 7.5 x 6 goal achivable ?? And whats the best way to increase LENGTH

Welcome, mate. Your girth goal is easily achievable.Perhaps six to eight months. Your length goal will require a minimum of one and a half to a max 3 years time consistent pe. Good luck. Stretch flaccid and jelq with no more than 50% erection for length.You can try hanging or an extender.

First time post. Seems to me you guys are all larger then me to start out with. I have a pretty small penis and yet my wife says she’s happy with it. I don’t know all the right terms but my erect length is about 4.9 inches and my girth is about the same. Kinda weird posting this but what the heck.

1st post! I stumbled upon this site researching PE exercises. It appears this place has a wealth of information. I started on June 8 and my routine is MWF. Rest days are TT and the weekends. I take hot shower for about 5 minutes, then stretch for 30 seconds in 5 directions, jelq for 5 minutes, then hot shower to end the workout. Beginning measurements are BPEL: 6.25 EG: 4.75. My goal is to be 7.5/5.5. Any tricks of the trade will be appreciated. Looking forward to what this site has to offer.

Welcome aboard.

Hi AaronK,

I guess the larger guys are more willing to post about their size. There are plenty of guys with your starting stats whether your figure is BPEL or NBPEL.

You’ll get used to the weird.

Hi Webster02,

There are light routines and very light routines. That seems really a little too light. Check out the Newbie Routine from the start here thread. Also heat before!

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Thanks memento. I figured it’s a light work out. I thought I would start light the first week to get used to it and get technique down. I’ll pick up the pace next week. I take a shower before I start. Is that not sufficient?

Memento (or anyone else who wants to reply) My BPEL is about 4.9 and my EG is a little less. How long do you think it will take to get to 6” BPEL and 5.5 EG?


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