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Originally Posted by stryde
Hey guys, this is my first experience at PE. I have to get my measurements again, I can’t remember and I don’t have a ruler. Is that the best way to measure? I know my BPEL is like 6.8”, I have a large fat pad, but I’m a muscular guy, not ripped. My Girlfriend gets on me about it. I push it down and show her the extra 1 1/2 inch. Anyway I’m hoping to gain 1 1/2 inches. I tried this before but, I wasn’t warming my penis, and I only did it for 5-6 months.

Welcome.Focus part of your work out on your lower abdomen.Yoga helps the pubic area.Also,look into fat burners if you’re not already using them.I have the fat pad problem.I lost about 3 inches to it.Slowly working it down.

Well here goes first post. Now a question this place has a lot of information are there certain threads I should read or sticky’s ?

Hi Decm,

Welcome to the forum. Yeah, read the stickies in this forum, that will get you started. Note the link to the videos, watch those. Start with the newbie routine, be consistent. Take lots of pics and measurements before you start (otherwise it’s hard to know if you are gaining).

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I’m new here, but after lurking and pouring through the forums for a week, I’m ready to join in.

This community is impressive even though I’ve only been here a short while and read only a small fraction of what the forums has to offer. Thanks for being open and welcoming.

I’ve put all my newb questions in my progress thread to keep this one less cluttered. I look forward to gaining with you!

Welcome to the club. Remember that virtually all of the questions anyone could have are answered somewhere. Good luck!

:_pump: :donatecar

Newbie with some practice

Hello all glad to find this forum and the great information with in it. I have let myself go and seen my self lose length due to fat pad. So I an adding back a few routines with my daily work out to loose weight as well. Hopefully the exercise and PE workout combined will regain my vitality and health. A little about me married 6 kids ideal weight is 205 but find myself at 262 ugh, I’d say average but haven’t measured lately due to being overweight but last measurement years ago was 7.75 I’d like to gain to 10 if possible over long term. I haven’t measured girth but it’s a fatty. No complaints from the wife this is all for me. As a teen I would stretch and massage for pleasure which turns out to be some of the exercise routines. Who knew lol? So far I’ve read alot and seen alot of progress from this forum and can gladly send pics to help with before and after progress reports.

Thanks guys

7.75” average? Bullshits. :D

Welcome to the forum and good luck on gains.

Average yes

When I shove the ruler into my pad I loose 2 inches from fat ,so measuring from inside the fat pad at the bone over 8 years ago it was 7.75 now at the fat pad it’s 5.5ish but I still want to go thicker and longer and loose the fat all over. I guess if there is a thread on accurate measuring I could probably be more specific than using old numbers from years ago.

Also I may come across as dry or butt hole ish but I am not in promise. Just tired of gaining in the wrong departments.

I tired returning it all to Walmart but they don’t honor it.;-)

Still learning the rules and places to post and types of content to post as well.

Thanks again still loving the information here!

Yes it does thanks I will have to remeasure to get all proper measurements, so I can record my weight loss and PE gains over time. Thanks a million

Also forgot to mention 4 years ago I had a bad vasectomy which had to go in twice and still causes me pain in the tube and testicles from time to time. Usually about a week long twice a year at the most.

I’m not positive but feel this has effected my T levels as I still get hard and preform well, but the drive has dropped alot.
I will be 37 this year. That I feel is too young to have a drop in drive.


Hi, I finally decided to start PE. My BPEL is 6.2”, but my penis has an upward curve and it looks smaller. Besides the stickies, are there any other important threats you recommend that I should check?

CURRENT: EL - 5.7'' (14.5 cm); BPEL - 6.2'' (16 cm); EG - 5'' (12.7 cm)

GOAL: BPEL - 7''; EG - 5.5'' (14 cm)

Welcome to the forum andyxx1.

You’re starting out with a good size so congrats on that. Remember that our own perspective of our penis’ (from the top looking down) is the least flattering angle possible. You most likely look bigger than you think:)

Read all you can in the beginners forum and familiarize yourself with the newbie routine. Good luck.

:_pump: :donatecar

Hi All. I’ve been a long time lurker and have experimented a bunch with the exercises and strategies from time to time, but for whatever reason have never committed to a regular PE schedule.

At 5.7” BPEL / 5.8” BPFSL / 5” girth, I guess my measurements are pretty average. My EQ has always been pretty great. I’ve been with several women and received legitimate surprise and compliments about how hard I get. I don’t really have a complex about my penis size and my wife doesn’t really care, but every so often find myself wishing it was a bit bigger for both my sake and hers.

I am now almost 32. I swear things are generally shrinking and not quite performing as they once were! I have more “small days” lately (where I go to take a piss or get in the shower and just kinda get bummed at the visuals) and the strength of my ejaculation is not what it was years ago.

No more am I willing to be a PE wannabe! This past Monday I started a bit of a primer routine I am devising and documenting on-the-go in order to get a bit conditioned and comfortable with an ongoing regimen. I plan to continue this for a couple weeks and expand on it based on the wealth of information on the forums. By June 1, I plan to be totally invested.

Right now, I have three short-term goals I would like to see by ~mid Dec 2015 - one is measurable, the other two are a bit subjective.

1. Length (measurable): I’d like to see measurable length gains. I am not yet in tune enough with my body to project a specific 6-12 month goal, but I am going to length over girth at this point. I gather length is easier to obtain when girth is lower, which is another reason for this as my #1 goal. Also, it’s just a personal preference that I place the length gains over girth right now. I am curious to see if my wife notices or cares about the gains.

2. Ejaculate: I’d like to see more “power” and “distance” in my ejaculations. When I was younger I could shoot it from one end of the shower tub to the opposite wall no problem. Lately it’s between a dribble and travelling a short distance. This one is purely selfish as I find it feels better with more power behind it. Also the visuals of it improves the experience if I am not doing it inside my wife. I have already realized improvements here through semi-regular kegels, but have room for improvement and aim to see more consistency.

3. Sac: This might be weird, but I would like to have more free-hanging balls when erect achieved through stretching and kneading the scrotum. Currently, my balls really get pulled up close to my penis when erect, sometimes to the point where one slips up inside my body. Most times, this isn’t a big deal but if one slips up inside it can hurt from “impact” during sex and I have to pop it back out by pulling out and pressing gently on the pubic pad. Also, sometimes when it’s hotter during the act I do hang lower and experience what it’s like to have them swing a bit, which is nice.

Any feedback or encouragement along the way is appreciated, but not expected! I thank each and every person who has ever posted a question, helpful content, personal journey, or gains progress on this forum. It has given me the courage and knowledge to get started on my PE journey in earnest!

Welcome ce83, nice first post. PE will help with performance, but also look at the general level of stress you live with and your general body fitness. Good luck on your goals.


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