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Your goals are realistic, but you’ll need to have enough work out days during the week. I’m sure you can do stretches at anytime during the week. Have a look at the stretching part of the newbie’s routines.

Many have gained girth with the bathmate, the main problem is the lack of gauge, which makes it more difficult to monitor the intensity of the work out. Basically you should avoid edema (lymphocele + much thicker skin). Thicker skin is likely to happen but it should go away quick.

Hello everyone! Here’s my obligatory introduction post. I’m new to Thunder’sPlace but not so new to PE. I started with a very light stretching and jelqing routine for about a year but stopped when it started to leak into my personal life (18 year old dudes can be mean, especially in a “popular” clique. I learned a lot about humility and privacy, so not a total loss). Before I stopped, I definitely noticed a difference in my unit. I LOVED the post-workout plump and really liked seeing myself steadily grow. Unfortunately, this was during a pretty heavy transition in my life and caused me to disregard my PE journey.. Until now.

A few months back, I was feeling crazy horny and became really intrigued with the idea of male sex toys (cock rings, pocket pussies, etc.). I got so turned on by the idea of a cock ring that I went to the local sex shop (for the first time ever) and bought a set of three and loved (still do) to use them. During this time of sexual exploration, I returned to the idea of starting back up with PE. So, I went back to my light stretch/jelq routine and haven’t looked back! I am so happy with the increased vascularity, EQ, meatiness, and overall plumpness that PE brings to the table.

Now that I’ve got a couple months back in the game, I decided to try my hand at pumping. I went back to the same sex shop and bought a simple 8” long, 2.5” diameter tube with a pistol-grip pump and gauge. I was astounded by the sensitivity and growth that can be achieved and have been hooked since. I do have some questions regarding pumping, but will probably post those to the specific pumping forum.

Might as well post my stats:
EL: 7.188”
EG: 6.438”

FL: 5.375”
FG: 5.125”

That’s my intro story, can’t wait to get more in-depth with my fellow PE’ers :D


You may want to make sure this is your unpumped size, and think twice before adding any girth !

A quality pump is more expensive but makes a lot of difference.

I’m pretty sure that that size was me, un-pumped. I took the measurements three separate times (with hours between). I’m definitely not looking to grow too much in the girth department, but would love to hit 8” in length.

This is my third week with the pump, and I’m happy to say that I’m starting to pack that girthy tube! I also really really like the feeling of pumping, the engorged look, the thicker flaccid hang, and the mental aspect of watching me grow, so I think I’m going to buy a more professional setup this weekend.

With my stats, fellow members have recommended a 9” by 2.25” diameter tube. Any thoughts/recommendations?

Gprent knows better than I, although if you want to avoid gaining girth you shouldn’t pump.

By the way you could simply start with the newbie routine, especially the stretching part. You could reach your goals with year of dedicated manual stretches (not saying you will, but it is definitely worth trying).

Gprent was actually the one to inform and link me to some high-quality tubes. I’m going to be buying one over the weekend :)

I actually do do some light stretching and jelqing before I pump (with a warm up beforehand and a heating pad on the cylinder during pumps) and do 10-20 jelqs in between pumping sets. I also had a year or so of jelqing/stretching, but that was about 3 years ago. The results have always impressed me, so I’ve kept at it. I was actually looking at an extender today at the sex shop, but I don’t know if I’m that dedicated just yet, maybe in the future. For now, I’m going to be enjoying the plump from the pump lol.

Not sure whether to start a new thread for a quick question, but could anyone give me more info about cockrings (after pumping)? I try not to keep it on for longer than 20 minutes, but on another pumping-related forum, some users say that they wear theirs all day! They claim that the ring helps to keep the spongy tissue engorged and that definitely intrigued me. Is this a legitimate way to prolong the after-pump swell (not talking about edema)? I’d like to be able to walk around with a bulge that breaks necks when women catch a glimpse hahahah

Hey guys , I am new to the forum. Also new to PE , my girlfriend of 4 year bought me a cheapo pump after some discussions in bed one night about me not being able to maintain a good erection, so we will see how it goes when it gets here.

Hi, 2ND post, 1st work out today. Wish me luck! Thank you to everyone who has put so much into research and this forum, I really hope to benefit from this knowledge and may be some girth too :/

Welcome to all the new guys!

:_pump: :donatecar

Thanks for the welcome, not really looking for any gains, mainly a better erection quality.

New here

I’m new to the forum

I have dabled in PE off and on , nothing consitant.

I have jeav labs extender that I just don’t think has enough tension so I recently purchase a size doctor vac traction device. My concern isn’t really size but all gains I get will be appreciated. My concern is how long I last . My girl gets off quick so finish before her isn’t a concern I just want to last to longer for my confidence and even though she gets off I’m sure more than once wouldn’t make her upset at all.

I have read that the vac action on this device will make the nerves not so sensitive, but I believe most of my problem is mental but I need something to at least get me over the initial hump to get my mind in the right direction.

I’ve done some searching but nothing extensive I have a hard time finding the answers I need sometimes. Any advice or tips on the equipment I have or any other ways to combat my problems will be greatly appreciated.

I haven’t measured yet and when I read other posts the measurements are kinda confusing with the abbreviations , I need to learn those I guess lol .

But I will create a post with my starting size and lasting times to show the progress of my work.

I say size doesn’t concern me which it doesn’t but bigger is always better so I’m not counting increasing size out as it will be something that happens when using the equipment and I’ll be happy to gain it

Thanks in advance for any help

I don’t think the extender can do anything for make you last longer, if you heard that it was just marketing. Kegel’s would be a better try, maybe edging too. Jelqing will give you fatter and harder erections. So I suggest you start with the linear routine, and if you become more interested in gains switch to the regular newbie routine. You’ll find both in the FAQ.

New guy here

I haven’t really been on a forum before, but I came here to see if this whole penis enlargement thing was real or not. What better way of finding out than joining here.


I’ve looking through the forum, and I see that there are a lot of threads here. I just wanted to see if there are any recommended exercises I can do to increase my girth.


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