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The obvious things are carry on reading and learning, don’t assume that one person’s experience necessarily translates, start with the newbie routine, work as smartly as possible, don’t jump to clamping and hanging (advanced doesn’t mean better, it means more likely to cause injury unless you have a lot of experience).

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Hey guys,

Just arrived at thundersplace :D hope to get some good information about PE.

Greets pietar

Welcome pietar, You’ll definitely find good information if you read in the Newbie routine. Good luck!

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Hey guys, newbie here. Just did my first “workout” today. I’m excited to see what the next few months will bring, but understand I need to be patient! I’m really interested to see if my wife notices.

First post

Just started PEing again, did some stretching and jelqing a few years ago with small gains. My wife thought my penis was getting skinnier, so I quit. Ordered an Sleeve yesterday for some ADS while I work and hope to make some good gains.

Started PE 3 days ago. In it for the long run hoping to make me some gains

Welcome to cantgetenuff, night5415, and rik211. (and any other newbies whom we may have missed!) I hope your time here is enjoyable, educational, and fun. It’s a great place to be. Good luck.

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Hello I am new to PE a d was wondering what would realistic goals for myself be? I am 5.6” length 4.5” girth erect. Anybody with any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated! Cheers!

Newbie checking in.

Joined a week or so ago and I can see this forum is a goldmine of information on penis enlargement and the success stories are a great motivator. Right now I am average in size and my goal is to get up to 7 inches plus over time and take it from there.

For the first week I have been doing the newbie routine such as wet jelqing and stretching and kegels and have noticed my flaccid has become bigger overall. And I seem more pliable too when stretching which wasn’t the case in the first few days so I hope this is a good sign. The good thing is that I live alone and privacy is no problem so I can really take this seriously, which I intend to do.

Coming back to PE

I started doing PE a while back only did it for a month or so and didn’t really see any gains I don’t think that I was really doing enough and I’ve been seeing people having great results jelqing so I’m going to start a routine and I also bought a size matters stretcher to wear for the most part. Any advice or tips on my journey through PE is highly appreciated! :D I’ve been told by a lot of girls I have a big dick but I am not really satisfied :/

Current: Erect length: 5.3” Flaccid Length: 3.5” Girth 5.5”
Goal: Erect Length: 7” Flaccid Length ~5” Girth 6”

Introducing myself

Hey guys!

It’s been about 4 days I’ve been doing this and so far, I’ve already noticed that I’ve gained about a quarter of an inch. I used to be 5.8in but now I’m 6.1, NBPEL. For BPEL, I was 6.5, and now I’m 7. Are quick gains normal?

This seems very fast are you sure you measured properly before you started? Also what does your routine consist of?

Originally Posted by going4gold
This seems very fast are you sure you measured properly before you started? Also what does your routine consist of?

I warm up for like 5-8 minutes, use an extender (literally one with no name) with a hot pad on it for no more than 2 hours at a time, taking it off to massage my head and then after about 3 rounds of that (6 hours in a day), after which I jelq about 100 times, which is done in like 5 minutes.
To my understanding, I was supposed to wear the extender for 8 hours a day, but I can’t.

If I’m going to wear the extender outside, I’m not going to use the heat pad but it’s spring break and I have tons of free time.

I’m sure I measured properly because I’ve always been 6.5 at the hardest BPEL. And I’m checking everyday for gains, and I noticed that now I’m a little over 7 BPEL now, as in today now. What’s funny is that my cock doesn’t go so much in after I have a hard on or anything. I forgot how small I was when flaccid but it was no where near 4 inches (which is what I have now).

However I’m still at the 6.1 mark for NBPEL, which is the one my goal is setup for in the first place.

I also heard that it’s common to gain easier in the beginning than it is later in the PE journey. Is there any truth to that?

If you can’t understand something, know that English isn’t my first language (or second). If you need me to explain, ask.

First post!

I started PE about a year ago, very skeptical, still am. I did the newbie routine and I like to think I gained .25” in L and G. Didn’t do it for about 6 months because I was busy, but now I started it up again a month ago.

Here is my current routine (2 on/1 off) I do all this in the shower

5m hot wrap
30s stretch each direction
60 jelqs w/ baby oil
5m hot wrap
30s stretch each direction

I started with 50 jelqs and now at 60, I think I’ll add 10 every week or so.

Question though, where do you guys jelq? I don’t really like doing it in the shower but it makes the hot wrap easier and I also live with other people. I’m in the shower for a good 25-30m, once I add more jelqs I don’t want to be standing in the shower for that long.

Last question, how long did it take you to gain an inch or to see noticeable gains? I understand it’s different for each person but I’ve seen some say they gained an inch+ in just a few months and others have gained an inch in a year.

I think 1” will require 2-3 years on average. Girth, double the time.

You can do jelqs in more than one session I doubt it will make much of a difference; jelqing in the shower is ok if you don’t use soap as lubricant. You can switch to dry jelqs when the time required is too much (dry requires less reps and no lubricant).


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