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Just posting so I can get my avatar up!

Hi all just joined and posted my first post :)

Welcome newbies all!! We hope your PE journey is productive and fun. Stay in touch!

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Hello ! I am Brazilian and I am not fluent in English but would like to participate in this forum , I’m 41 years old , I am heavy smoker ” 40 cigarettes a day,” I’m 1,70 m tall ( 5ft 6 59/64in ) and weight 78kg ( 15.369oz 171lb ) .

PE practice for 11 months, and 9 months actual and 2 months out ( overwork and holiday ) .

Not started correctly (as directs manual), I started with penis pump (10 minutes per day) and after 15 days started the extender rods (6 hours per day) and subsequently introduced the “VAC extender” so I could use it for 9 hours a day.

Had 15 mm ( 5/8 in) in length and gains of 6 mm ( 1/4 in ) thick in earnings in the first 3 months , within two months had no gain followed the same routine , so I decided to create my insane routine (24 hours). Getting so add 10mm ( 3/8 in) in length and ( 1/8 in) in thickness in 4 months of training .

After two months stopped , tried to start with the Jelq ” basic beginner routine ” . Really I did not adapt to this routine because I miss both in length and in girth , with large losses in the order of ( 1/4 in ) . So I decided to go back to the pump and penile extenders , and in 15 days I could recoup the losses with the Jelq .

What I want here in the future to discuss my insane routine (24 hours ) . That really should only be practiced by those who have high rates of erection.

From small beginnings

I have a small penis and to top it of I also have phimosis where the hell should I start!

Originally Posted by deevhat
I have a small penis and to top it of I also have fimose where the hell should I start!

I would begin taking out phimosis. Always health first and keep phimosis would not be legal in advanced exercises.

Originally Posted by JonahFalconJuni
….Getting so add 10mm ( 3/8 in) in length and ( 1/8 in) in thickness in 4 months of training .

10mm = 2/5 inches.

Welcome to the forum. ;)

Originally Posted by marinera
10mm = 2/5 inches.

Welcome to the forum. ;)

Thank you! This will be recorded as it is very difficult to think in inches.

As I am new in the forum do not know if there is a duty to inform could be in inches or in centimeters or millimeters.

No particular requirement, just try to be consistent and as accurate as possible. We’re a mixed bag here and use inches and centimeters. Welcome to the forum.

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Newly registered visitor, first post. I’ve used some exercise routines before and I think I had some small gains. Not a lot but some.

Forgot about it for sometime but something that’s always kind of bothered me. Want to see how much further I can go. Maybe I can upgrade to “justoveravg” later?

Found this website and hoping to read and find enough information to help my journey.

Welcome. The FAQ has a lot of useful links to start your reading (and viewing).

Thunder's Place: increasing penis size one dick at a time.

My first post after joining today.

Hello everyone.

I just found this place today and 3 hours later I’m still learning how to begin my road to a healthier penis. The amount of information in this forum is amazing, a little overwhelming and much appreciated. I really came here by way of Google searching eBay for penis pumps. I am experiencing numbness due to sciatic nerve problems and between that and pain from a hip with avascular necrosis, I’m having problems getting proper erections (which were never a problem before) and retaining the erections I do get. I thought a pump might help and then I see so many different choices for pumps I started to get the idea that I needed a great deal more information before selecting one. Fortunately, Thunder’s Place came up in the 11th place on page one of a Google search; “eBay penis pumps”.

I started reading about some people experiencing growth and was surprised since every doctor or “specialist” I’ve ever read about or seen on tv has said “there is no way to enlarge a penis other than surgery, and surgery is not a good route to go. Part of my problem is in my mind since my wife told me about a year ago that my penis is on the small side of her experiences with men, very small. I was shocked. I always thought I had a good size penis, not huge but better than average and then I started checking into it. Big mistake. Funny how my mind can create so many problems. Now, everytime we have sex, I can’t get the truth of my small size out of my mind. Now, it’s gotten better because I like to have sex and need to have sex, so I’ve done my best to just try to get lost in the act itself.

My penis, in the flaccid state, actually, at times, starts retracting inside itself to the point of the head disappearing completely. Much like a turtle going into it’s shell. I’ll have to take some measurements to give you a better idea of EG and such. Since I’ve been reading here for about 3 hours now, I decided to start a newbie routine of gentle stretching and jelqing. I do wear 125mg fentanyl pain patches that I change every 48 hours and take 30mg of morphine twice a day for pain. These don’t stop the pain but take just enough of the edge off for me to be able to deal with the pain of my avascular necrosis (in left hip, knee, lower back and shoulder) and various arthritis conditions. I realize I’m dealing with more than many but I’m willing to go easy and I accept the risks. A plus for me is that I have plenty of time on my hands (sorry, can’t help but laugh at that pun and I hope you enjoyed it, too).

I would still like to buy a pump so I can maybe deal with my not quite getting as hard as I used to, but I think I’ll stick around here and give a go at more than just getting my penis to a healthier state. Even if I can just stop it from doing that retracting into itself thing, I would be much happier. It’s hard to explain but the feeling when it does this is less than comfortable. Believe me, strangest feeling I’ve ever felt, and I’ve felt some pretty strange things with my bones and avascular necrosis. Thank you for this site and even though I’ve spent a few hours reading already, I still have many, many more hours to go before I’ll even be comfortable buying a pump. Sheesh! And I thought I’d just go on eBay and find a pump and it would be in the process of being shipped to me by now. I’m really glad Thunder’s Place popped up on my pump search. I guess it was just meant to be.

With much respect, HereHoping

That’s a crule thing to say for a woman. What are your stats anyway?

We always suggest to try the manual stuff for a few months before jumping into devices.


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