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Welcome newbies all!

Best advice: Start with, and stick to, the newbie routine, and proceed carefully! Good luck

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Hey guys, I’ve been reading on here for the past month or so and actually been using an extender since August and have gained about .75 inches since I’ve started, unbelievable to me. Can’t believe this stuff actually works and a bit upset I didn’t get into it earlier haha. But what strikes me as interesting is it seems like most people here are hangers, is that true? Because I use an extender but of course I’m curious about all forms of lengthening.

Start: 5.9" BPEL

Current: 6.6" BPEL

Goal: 8" BPEL

Hi rdeal,

Welcome. I would think most people are manual, followed by extenders, followed by pumps, followed by hangers.

But that’s my impression, here’s a poll that contradicts it

Favorite PE Tool

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Hi all,

I was a lurker here many years ago. Tried jelqing and some manual stretching without much success. Rediscovered Thunder’splace while I was researching pumps.

I got my first pump on ebay, a Leluv. Hell, mind as well ask here, not going to bother starting another thread.

Are any of these stretchers on this page worth it?…cat=0&_from=R40

Hi guys newb here. Posting from mobile so pardon typos (usually try to catch them, any who).

Been PEing regularly since Oct, and reading a lot from here and other forums. My main goal is stealth, not that my wife would care if she knew.. I kind of want to keep her surprised!

For the first month I followed newbie jelq routine the best I could. Most days I was able to get two sessions in the shower (in the morning and after workouts). Noticed some good beginner gains although I never took a definitive “before” measurement. I think I was around 6”BPEL and 5”NBPEL.

I read about “hardcore hanging” and thought “I need to be doing that,” so I built my own hanger and had at it. I experimented for a bit but mainly hung 1 set for 15 mins in the morning followed by 100ish jelqs. I am not sure I made any gains doing this, but my unit felt stronger and more dense.

I wasn’t able to do any meaningful hanging during the week of Christmas, and since then, I couldn’t get a good hang session in. I don’t think I lost any gains but the “dense” feeling was gone.

Through research I figured that dense feeling was tunica related, and last week I added some tunica tugs after hanging and before jelqing. This made a huge difference! My unit feels worn out after training but the dense feeling is returning. I measured for the hell of it and was pushing 7” BPEL (was around 6.75” from Nov-Dec) this afternoon. I know this is a lot of EQ more than anything.

I am probably going to scale back time hanging and keep short, heavy sessions and focus on tunica stretch and jelqing.

Sorry for the long post, just wanted to jump right in!

Am I to old?

I’m 41 and just wondering if I could be to old for PE?

Welcome aboard.

No, we have members in their 70s.

Thunder's Place: increasing penis size one dick at a time.

Hey guys. I just joined. I’ve done PE off and on for a while, but I never did it consistently because of lack of time and privacy. My living situation has changed, so now I’m looking forward to a dedicated routine.

Hello everyone. Please forgive the stupid username, I couldn’t think of anything else. I’m hoping I can change it soon.

Been reading the forums here for a while, and thought I would sign up. I’m 33 years old and a mechanical drafter. I’ve realized through this forum that my problem isn’t my penis, but my insecurity in general.

Today was the first time in ages I actually sat down and measured in quite some time. BPFSL was 8-3/8”, BPEL was 7-7/8”, EG was 6-1/2”. I read how to do the measurements properly and I know my way around a ruler and tape, so I’m certain I’m accurate. I’ve never done PE, but I might as well. Looks like fun.

Judging from the forums I should be happy, but the problem is in other areas. I’m 6’ 3” tall and about 315 lbs, so my EL is actually like 5” without doing the BP. This has resulted in me being very insecure about my length and actually worrying if my penis is too short.

Anyway, as a teenager my first sexual experience resulted in I couldn’t even penetrate the girl, and afterwards I had a couple girls lose interest because it “hurt”. These crap experiences resulted in me not dating a lot and I’ve been with maybe 10 girls in my life and only 2 were return customers. The first one was a girl who had been around and the second was an ex-stripper who told me she had been with 80 guys. I recently broke up with the second one because the whole relationship was terrible. Go figure.

Anyway, I have a lot to work on like my health, my self-confidence, my self-esteem, and my ability to chat up women (getting better as I get older). The biggest thing I’ve realized is that I’d like a quality woman in my life, rather than some chick who has been around and just wants to settle for some schmuck with a decent member.

Anyways, I guess what I am saying is, from my point of view, if you have a good chick in your life that treats you well and bangs you on the reg, I’m jealous!

Thanks to those who posted info and technique instructions. Hope you all reach your goals. I think I wouldn’t mind trying to get another inch or so. I’ll be sure to post results if I get anyway. Going to jelq for a couple months and see what happens. Other than that I’ll be spending time in the gym to get the weight down.



Sock hanger

Hi all, newbie here, been doing PE for about a year just doing manual stretches all directions and jelqing. Usually doing 2 on and 1 off, 10 mins stretches and 10 mins jelqing but only gained about quarter of an inch so starting out hanging past 3 weeks, been doing one on one off using 1lb weight for about 1 hour a day but now using 2lb weight still doing one on one off but doing 2 hours a day split into 6 sets, 3 morning and three at night. I’ve noticed past few days penis head turning slightly blue after sets, I’m using a sock hanger and been reading some bad things about sock hangers, are they safe to use?

First Time Post

Hello this is my fist post I’ve been doing a few basics to get bigger as my size has decreased with age (52)

Just a bath mate and manual stretching, the results have astounded me I wish I started sooner.

My wife said I was in too deep last night for the first time.

My mood is better and I feel more manly now too. :-)


You know this already but your quickest route to a larger visible penis is to reduce your fat pad.


Sock hangers are not a safe method. You are hanging low weights so check out the Captain’s Wench. The construction is simple and it will be a lot safer.

Tman7 & ElectraGlide,

Welcome aboard.

Thunder's Place: increasing penis size one dick at a time.

Hello . This should be my fist post but I seen this thread after I already started a new thread to say hi for the first time. Lol

In any case just wanted to say hi and I am in this for the long haul to see some results, I’ve been procrastinating long enough its time to get busy :)

Start 1/23/14

BPEL 8.00--Mseg 5.016--Flaccid length 5.5--Flaccid girth 4.25

Long term goal 9 x 6

Welcome Vince955. We hope your stay here is productive and fulfilling. Good luck!

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Thanks for advice, just ordered stuff to make captains wench. Any way I could make sock hanger safe in mean time while I wait on stuff to make captains wench?



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