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Welcome, johnman.

We have a surfeit of information. Good luck and good gains.

Thunder's Place: increasing penis size one dick at a time.

Thanks Memento, now the question is, where to start? I haven’t come across any starters guides or basic “start here” threads. Am I missing something, or looking in the wrong place? Heck I don’t even understand half of what is being talked about. I guess I need a PE 101 class first.

Ah thanks, that’s exactly what I was looking for.

Can I have a “renewed virginity” and redo my first post here? Haha.

I’m 23 years, 5’10”, and just started the newbie routine yesterday. I’m at 185 lb currently, but working toward 170, as my girlfriend and I have challenged each other to lose 15 lb. In addition to improving my overall health and fitness, I decided I want to giver her with more of something else too. I’ve also started dosing with L-Arginine, but I need to get a source other than 500 mg capsules from the grocery store if I’m going to continue with it.

My EQ has been through the roof, I think it’s the perfect storm of increased exercise, healthier eating, better-looking flaccid hang, the health benefits of jelqing, and a long-distance girlfriend that’s onboard and excited about what I’m doing. I had trouble keeping it down this morning when I told her I was about to begin my workout and she couldn’t stop telling me how wet she was just thinking about me growing for her. I want to go commando and show off the fruit of my labor, but she keeps me so excited that I leak some precum when she sends me a particularly hot message or picture. I’m going commando anyway, I’ll just have to think about my Grandma more. I’m sure she would love to know I’m thinking about her.

I’ve been curious about PE for years, but my interest would vary due to being busy in general and a few women that were impressed with my size—leading to more confidence in what I was working with. Out of 6 total, 3 were impressed and complimented me. I wondered what lead some to be impressed with the size and others only showing their satisfaction with orgasm. One was a very petite virgin who admired me in her hands, so this one made sense. It was extremely hot. One woman who gushed compliments was significantly older and very experienced. Even though I’m sure she had seen plenty of the 10-12% or so that are larger than mine, she might’ve been impressed with the youthful vigor of a 19 year old.

As for those who did not express explicit interest in my size, my ex of two years was not what I would consider a sexually-minded woman and it might just be something that she didn’t think about discussing. Or the one or two guys she had before me were in that 10%, I’ll never know. She was very orgasmic, however, and would tell me afterward that we have “good sex”. My current girl is just the right amount of nymphomaniac for me and has helped me realize everything I was missing with my ex. I’ve always been a giver in quest of experiencing female ejaculation and she finally did it for me. She told me she had to hold it back for her exes because they weren’t fans. That’s awful that they were stifling her sexuality.

She said early on that I’m a good fit for her, that I’m the right size and such. A few weeks ago we were at a bar, she was drunk and possibly trying to impress some (promiscuous) girls I went to high school with. She let it slip and said that she’s had some really big ones that hurt her. This stuck in my mind, as I’m sure it would with every guy that wonders about his size (probably 95% of us). I wanted to fuck her extra hard that night, but she started vomiting when we got back to her place and it didn’t work out. So it goes. I waited over a week and brought up that I had measured myself and I’m in the top 10-12% for length and slightly above average girth and then brought up what she said. We can talk about almost anything. Haha. She said she has a preference, but was highly apprehensive to discuss further because she said she has hurt guys’ egos in the past—makes enough sense. It turns out that I’m her lucky number 13 and she’s had 3 she considers “big”. I’m among the three she considers to be medium-sized, and the rest were small. It sounds like the big guy she lost her virginity to and two other guys early on might have skewed her perception of what exactly average is. I’ve got a statistical anomaly working against me here! The other possibility is that they seemed bigger back then when she was inexperienced, I’m not sure how accurate the female recollection of penis size throughout one’s history is.

Anyway, after getting her to spill the beans, I told her that I really just wanted to know if I would be hurting her by going bigger than my current 7x5. She said that if it’s what I want for myself, she would gladly accommodate me. A few days later, she’s curious about my new “workout” and tells me she pleases herself thinking about me growing bigger and harder for her. I’m glad she’s onboard and am enjoying every bit of my PE.

Start BPEL: 7", MEG: 5", BPFL: 5", FG: 4.25"

Short term goal: fail TP roll gage, have the GF notice something extra

Long term goal: BPEL 8", MEG: 5.75"

Hmmm, my 1st post, can’t say I’m new though since I registered about 3 years ago, been looking around for a long time, maybe post more often in times to come^^.

Hi Orac,

I’m glad you no longer feel boxed in to the non-posting side, we’re not a censorious lot here.

Hi megasquirt3x,

Good luck with the gains. Make sure to take good BPEL measurements so that you know what is a true gain, losing weight and gaining EQ will help anyway. That’s got to be one of the best ways the size discussion could go. I know that a lot of people come here with body issues but PE can actually make those worse.

Thunder's Place: increasing penis size one dick at a time.

Hey Thundersplace,

Lurked about regarding PE for a while, probably since I was 17 (currently 20) and did a few routines, but never consistently; the most I ever did I think was 2 and a half weeks with consistency. As an Asian growing up in the US, I felt a lot of pressure regarding my size due to stereotypes, and being a smaller guy in general, as many Asian guys are want to do, I got to be insecure about my size. At 17, I measured in at about 4.75in NBPEL, and currently when I’m at my hardest, I’m about 5.1NBPEL/5.8BPEL, although I only have a tape measure ATM so I might be off a bit; my dick curves up so I’m not totally sure how best to measure. I don’t know if the increase was due to my inconsistent PE or just natural growth, but I was never motivated enough to keep at PE. Now, with it being summer and me having a lot more free time, I want to PE hard for the 6 weeks I have starting on the 20th and see if it actually works/works for me, before moving to my new apt at college where I will share a room.

I’ve also done some pumping (last summer) but only for a few weeks and inconsistently, and I think pumping is a slow to gain process, so I didnt see any gains there but I don’t think I had the proper routine/time. Because I’ve PEd on and off already, I’ve found out that my dick is probably resistant to growth/really tough life and what not; I’ve never gotten any blood spots or discoloration or even lymph build up from the most rigorous jelqing and pumping I’ve done, including 30 minutes at 3-4hg.

Thus, this time around, I plan. On having a more consistent and well rounded routine in the hope that I see some gains, and if I do, I will begin PE for a lifetime come next summer. I doubt I’ll have any newbie gains based on my previous experience, but id be thrilled if I could get above .25inches in length and girth by the end of these 6 weeks. I’d also like to lessen my baseball bat shape, which I have naturally.

Current: ~5.8x4.4 BPEL (4.5 mid shaft, 4.2 base, 4,4 below glans).

6-week goal (Aug 5): 6.2x4.6 (4.5 base)

Planned routine is 3 min warmup, 10 min stretch, 50 wet jelq, 20 min edge, 20 min pump at 3hg, 1 min stretch, 1 min jelq, 5 min warm down.

Hope it works!

Welcome to the forum mrkefnt,

Don’t be to worried if you don’t get gains in the first six weeks, some fellows don’t get gains for the first six months, it’s an individual thing but with perseverance and determination you will get gains, good luck.

A well tailored suit is to women what lingerie is to men.

A well PE'd Penis gives girls the "Wow Eyes"

I :surf: therefore I am

Hello! I’m new here, summer had just begun so why not try this.

Pretty wired up to try this!

Wish me luck!

Glad you made it kjm93,

Here,’s wishing you luck ;)

A well tailored suit is to women what lingerie is to men.

A well PE'd Penis gives girls the "Wow Eyes"

I :surf: therefore I am

Well, I'm here.

Hey Thunder’s Place members!
I’m a 19 year old guy that found this site recently after finding that ‘’ place and feeling ridiculously inadequate.
So, I was like, “Hey, I need to fix this so that I can be confident with any woman.”
I browsed other forum places that help with enlargement and they all seemed pretty juvenile and cold to be honest.
This place seemed inviting.

However, I’ve done some searching and apparently that whole penissizedebate site was just BS.
I would love to find more info on it.
I actually even saw a thread here saying that the guy who made the site admitted to it being a scam.
I was thinking about bumping that thread but it’s about a year old.

Anyway, I guess we’re pretty honest here right?
I used to be really insecure about my size starting at age 17. Later I learned about average size and how to measure.
I’m 6.7 BPEL, and 5.5 base girth. Only 5.2 mid shaft, though.
I’m an average built guy, with a belly 5’10” (depending on what shoes I wear! Haha.), and I actually felt really comfortable with that.
I’m not huge by any means. But I felt like I had something to be proud of, you know?
Especially after reading real life stories of people saying sometimes smaller girth than 5.5 is pretty big for most girls.
Then I enter ‘’ and suddenly I don’t feel comfortable. Then I found info saying it’s BS and now I do feel comfortable.
It’s weird, I know. So I’m not entirely sure that I want to try enlargement exercises. I mean if that ‘ideal size’ of 7” and 6” girth is crap then why strive for it? But then again, I’m pretty close to it so why not, right?

I’ve only got real sexual experience with one person. She was pretty tiny. Or actually maybe average for a petite girl. 5’5” give or take an inch. So my size seemed fine there. I actually felt big to be honest :)
Then I realized that there’s a world of women out there that I might not be ideal for..

I’m sorry I’m rambling, so I’ll wrap this up.
I’m not entirely sure what I’m striving for with PE (I don’t even know any PEs) yet or if I want to/should strive for anything with it.
First I need to fix my phimosis problem (I’ve joined a forum for that too haha), and lose that belly I mentioned earlier
(Heaviest was 221. Currently 210. Trying to get to 170-180) to decrease my fat pad so that that BPEL shows as much as it can.
Then I’ll take it from there I suppose.
Hopefully with the help of this site of course ;)

I'm new to PE

Hi everyone I’m new to PE. Is their a index for all the abbreviation used . At the moment I’m just jelqing and doing manual stretching for about a half hour a day ,but would like to put together a routine I could spare about a hour a night in the shower after work, I’m up for trying anything out, any ideas?

Hi justanotheruser,

Your penis size is above average, you have no reason to feel the least bit worried when disrobing in front of a new lover. As you realise, losing weight helps to show that off.

You can chose to PE or not but I suggest that your read some of the threads on how porn has the effect of unbalancing our views on size. Then consider that if you chose to PE that it is a lot of effort and decide whether you want to make that effort.

Hi daveuwsh,

If you have a desktop machine with a recent browser, simply hovering your mouse over the abbreviation will show the meaning. Otherwise, check this page:

Penis Enlargement Glossary

I would suggest measuring everything you can as accurately as possible, taking pictures with rulers and then starting on the newbie routine. Monitoring is key. If you are not gaining after a month or two you need to change, if you are keep going until the gains flatline.

Thunder's Place: increasing penis size one dick at a time.

Hey all,

I’m a 29 year-old from New Zealand. I only found this site last week, but I kicked into the Newbie routine that night, so I’m 5 days in and loving it. This isn’t my first post (it’s now my 5th), but close enough. I wish I’d found this site years ago, but I’m here now, so that’s the main thing. When I was about 17-18 I read about jelqing, so I did a small amount of that for some time (half a year I think), but I didn’t know much really. I certainly didn’t know about communities like this with so much knowledge and advice and positive results. Anyway, I think the jelqing worked pretty well, because I’m 7” BPEL, but I’m only 5’8”, so I’m sure if I hadn’t done any jelqing back then I wouldn’t even be near what I currently am. I know 7” BPEL isn’t massive, but I’ve always just been happy to be above average. I never really realised it at the time that the jelqing did much, because I was still finishing off my growth spurts from teenagehood. Anyway, ten years down the track and I’m keen to get into PE in a serious way. The only thing that concerns me at the moment is finding the time to do it. With a 2-year old girl and a 4-month old boy, life at home can get fairly full on. I think doing my routine in the shower will be the way to go. I’m interested to hear how other married guys get on, if their partners know about what they do or not? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


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