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Lose your Thundersplace posting virginity here!

Hey guys what up? My username might imply that I have a really skinny dick but in fact, my dick is quite fat and stumpy. It’s just a little joke, I think calling someone a needle cock is just so freaking funny.

I’ve been jelqing on and off for a year or two now, and I attribute some of my thickness to that exercise, but now I’m desperate to elongate my little guy.

For equipment, I’m about 2 months in using my Jes Extender with MonkeyBars VacHead version 3 and I must say, there is really no other way to be doing this. Looking into buying a pump next. See you on the boards :)

Hello, this is also my first post. I have been looking at the public forums on this site for a few months and I have been doing PE for about that same amount of time (coincidence? Probably not). I have not had much in the way of noticeable gains yet, except that my EQ has gone through the roof. I started with a very simple routine and have slowly been adding things to it and I am hoping to see gains very soon. Looking forward to learning from and contributing to this great forum.

Losing my posting virginity :)

I hope I’ll soon lose my sexual virginity also.

This year has probably been the most miserable year of my life.

I could tell you guys why, but it does not actually have much (or anything) to do with my penis size.
But it is however, something that has been on my mind for a long time. Primarily because of my strive/ambition to be the best possible version of me in every aspect of my life (striving for perfection).

And I am very excited about my potential future gains, and the to be able to discuss them with all the polite members of this community.


Hi everybody here , this is my first post and I am glad to post it .

Good luck and have a nice day :)

It’s not really my FIRST post, really, but now I can officially say Hi in the official newb Hi thread, lol.


I’m having a great time and learning a lot. Thank you all so much for your collective knowledge =)

Welcome to all the newbies!! We’re glad to have you aboard! :jumpred:

:_pump: :donatecar

Technically not my first post, but just wanted to stop by and say what up. Looking forward to spending a bunch of time here with you guys in the near (and not so near) future.

May we all enjoy the process.

I'm onboard,

Yet another newbie has joined this great community. Posting virginity lost. Yeha!

Hi all, first post.

I always thought jelqing was something my school mates made up until one mate said his GF hurt when he did it. I thought; I’M IN!!
Just started reading around and joined up.

I’m a grower not a shower and unfortunately I’m a big guy, 6’5” and 130kg+, so it’s not an impressive looking thing, I’m after a bit of a gain both ways but more so in flaccid size. I have only seen a very minute length gain. Specs below

BPEL 19cm 7.5” long
MSEG 15cm 5.90” circ

Another newbie here :D

Cannot wait till I have gains to share with everyone!


I’m looking get get more info on PE and find out how to do it safely and as quick as possible

Hi guys, thought id just say hello before posting.

Having a look around the site there is some great information and inspiration. I’m just getting into PE with main aim of adding girth as I’m a bit of a slim lad, as my stats show.

28/12/2012 - BPEL:6 EG:4.25

Made this account while back got busy but now I’m going to dedicate myself to this cause.
How long do you think it will take me to get from 6x 4.5 to 7x 5.5 ?

Thank you thundersplace :)


Start> 6 x 4.5

Goal> 7 x 5.5

Oh hey everyone.

Beginning: June 2011 Now: August 2011

BPEL 6" MSEG 5".both on a good day NBPEL 6.3" BPEL 6.7 MSEG 5.25"


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