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Lose your Thundersplace posting virginity here!

Great site thanks for all the contributions. Started about a month ago going pretty well


Honestly.not sure if I’ve ever posted here! I’ve been a member for a long time, but pretty much just lurking and learning. This site has helped me greatly btw!

I love thunders, by far the best PE site.

Hello everyone, This is my first post. Just joined a month or so ago but have been viewing the site for quite a while waiting to get in. This is the best site ever. I wish I had known about all of this twenty years ago. All of you have so much knowledge to bring to the table. Thanks to all of you who share your experience and secrets.

Good luck to all of you my friends! Bigger is better lol

Starting length July 2011: EL: 7,5 (19cm) EG: 6.0 (15,2cm)

This is my first post on Thunders. I found the site in November 2010 and remember feeling astonished at the possibilities. Part of my motivation at the time was insecurity about my size that was highlighted by the number of previous partners my gf had and wondering whether I measured up. Prior to that I was never overly concerned however still aware that I would like to be bigger, and I always had to be the best at everything. Such is my nature. The sex was good however I never had that feeling of “filling her up” (that almost sounds somewhat crude and crass haha) like I did with previous partners. I took some starting measurements and gave it a half hearted go but due to laziness and privacy issue I gave up, however it was always in the back of my mind. 

Fast forward to June this year, when I embarked on my long awaited 3 month tour of Europe. While privacy became even more of an issue, I stopped caring and went for it. My routine is the newbie routine and nothing is holding me back. I have done parts of my routine in train and hostel bathrooms/toilets, friends bathrooms etc, basically I am not fussed anymore and I will tug at my dick any chance I get. In fact I’m lying in bed pe’ing right now. At times when it’s simply not possibly to wet jelq I will use the dry jelq as a substitute, usually I jelq at night and stretch throughout the day due to the inherent simplicity of stretching, ie not having to get hard etc. There’s no doubt in my mind that I’ve already seen progress aside from the usual increase in EQ. Currently I’m at a smidgeon under 6 inch nbpel and 5.5 inch girth, however using a different measuring implement so will check when I get home to confirm the accuracy. My goal is the classic 8x6 however any progress will spur me on and I will see just how far I can take this. Moderation was never my strong point. 

Ultimately I’m after a weapon, I am confident I will make progress and I put 100% in every pull / jelq. I am conscious I have to make improvements in other aspects of my life however  and I know the approach of working from the outside in isn’t ideal and in an ideal world there would be no need for pe and we would all be happy with what we had. I know that at my current size I am not small however I am a big muscular guy and my flaccid, unless fluffed, is nothing to write home about, especially since I have thick muscular thighs. While I would love to be one of those guys that do not care about their size and have that inner unshakeable confidence when it comes to chicks, and come to think of it all other aspects of life, I am trying to address the symptoms from outside and so far it seems to be working. 

I’ve become a borderline obsessive pe’r but if that’s what it takes then so be it. Onward.

Hello everyone, this is also my first post.

I’ve been tired all along to search how can I make my penis bigger. Honestly sometimes I’m really jealous with those whose penis is genetically big. :P

Mine is average, or small, I think.

But seeing those PE seniors, I believe I can gain.


2nd post because I’m always too excited to read the previous threads when I’ve joined a new forum. Great to be here!

Pop that cherry! And let’s get started with some PE

Thought I’d dust off my old account and give PE a proper try this time.

Great site thanks for all the contributions.

Shit. Finally got in at this place.

Hi, had initial good results for flaccid hang and girth, seem to have lost the initial gain in girth, but thankfully my flaccid isn’t just a wrinkled mess now. Lost heart a bit because I was only seeing flaccid gains and not erect length gains, but it’ll take time and experimentation.

I’m going to put some real effort into this process and make some decent gains. It’ll be my new religion!

Now that I’m here I can get some good advice about problems I’ve encountered. Good to get registered finally!

After a long time lurking this is my first post of (hopefully) many on a great resource for PE :)

I’ve been properly going at PE for about 2 months now and made a small length gain although just received a scare when I felt a ligament pop while stretching.
It doesn’t hurt and I can stretch my penis out another inch and a bit so I figure it’s not a bad thing and shall be the start of some serious gains :D

Finally I’m in!

I’ve just started PE and I’d be very happy to share my results soon to all of you! I’m very hopeful, this site is amazing, thank you! :)

Start: 17/10/11 -> BPEL 16 cm x 14 cm; Goal -> BPEL 18 cm x 15 cm.


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