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Lose your Thundersplace posting virginity here!

Lost it now, happy? XD

Oky here I cum :P

Dun hav time for PE will start after ma examx with full dedication

Hi. Trying to improve myself. Will be posting my progress regularly.

I’m not a posting virgin, but wanted to say how good it is to have founder thunders. Even if I don’t gain it makes me feel more comfortable being able to talk and see other peoples issues and experiences. What a great idea. Whoever started it is a legend.. Who did start all this anyway?

I WILL Double my Volume! Size Doesn't matter - THIS DOES!

Hi there. This is my first post. I had always tried to register until recently. I wish to post regularly soon. Am working on a hanger. I luv hanging

Hi all, just joined. I had heard about jelqing and ended up here.


Guys I just got my approval and I really like the discussions here

Hope we all never lose boldness

Good enlarge for everyone

Starting PE today !

Impossible is just a word created by weak and lazy people to describe the determination of the ones who have boldness to do the insane and get the desired results.

I guys. First post for me to. I’m onto PE starting from 2week already, discovered it on this site, and filling no need to posting (well, it’s a really well made forum).

I have a 7 inch dick from the start, starting PE because I find myself jerking really soon. And because I want a 10 inch monster. I know, 7 inch is already a lot, but I want even more.

Hi, been lurking here for a while tried PE a few years ago. Will start posting up soon

Just getting started.

Wow, that was awesome! I’m a newbie too having only posted twice before. It’s not easy coming up with something new to say given the wealth of info on this site. I started PE a few month ago and it’s like going to the gym after New Years. Your gung ho for a few months then like everyone else around March life takes over. After a month or so, I notice that it was getting thicker or at least my erections where harder and it felt thicker as well as when it was flaccid. But finding the time or rather sticking to a routine e.g. In the shower in the am and before bed requires dedication. Also, as only you know what your doing there is no one to encourage you save for you guys. I guess that’s why it’s important to visit this site every day. Eureka!

Oh well, enough of my rambling and time to go to the news sites. That’s it he BS of the world is detrimental to your PEing and your overall health. PEing for World Peace!

Good luck to all! I’ve been lurking for years! Lol. I have had gains 1/2 length and 1/8 girth.

Truly is a wealth of info here. Well done Thundersplace

Third post, but just started posting today and hoping to add some new ideas on pe.

I broke up with my girl friend a few months back. We had been dating for over a year and I must say the sex was very good, especially her oral skills. I started PEing after we stopped having sex and it’s too bad as I’m sure she would notice that my penis is thicker which she prefers over length. I once used a vacuum pump several hours before we met and had sex and she asked me “what did you take” as she thought I took Viagra or something. I didn’t tell her but see said I was thicker, she noticed right away. So I gather that is what she wanted, a bigger/thicker penis. She told me that she could feel it stretching her vaginal with each trust.

I miss the sex with her, especially the BJ’s, but I don’t miss the BS when we argued. In the mean time, I bought a Flesh-light (Jesse Jane, which she looked like) and am happy with it. It’s nice and tight, but I miss her BJ’s.

It’s been years since I was last on here I think. I’m back on now, and have posted a couple times today, but I still feel new here. Good to be here.


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