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Lose your Thundersplace posting virginity here!

See you DanDaMan.

Dandaman seems to have stolen my thunder.

Hi to you guys too =(

Originally Posted by TrainingBig
Dandaman seems to have stolen my thunder.

Hi to you guys too =(

Really? When did I do that?

(What does he mean?)

Kanenas aderfos edw mesa re paidia;

Losing my Virginity..

I’m new to PE, almost entirely. I’ve tried some half ass stuff before I found this mass of information. I saw some good gains that quickly faded due to lack of commitment. Now under my current circumstances I can’t PE b/c of an aching pain on the left side of my shaft that radiates from head to testicle. Just a constant ache that increases with arousal. Once this “issue” resolves I plan to go full steam into the newbie routine following it to the Letter. I’ve also restructured my life a few months ago to allow me to have the time to keep a solid gym routine and I plan to incorporate PE into the regime as well.

I don’t know my exact measurements but I do know I’m on the higher end of girth.. With a full erection I can wrap a dollar bill around my shaft and the ends barely meet but when it comes to NBPEL I’m looking at like 5 inches, Though I am currently fat (in my mind) I’m 230 6’4” and medium build every where but my mid section.. So I imagine I’m a good 6”+ BPEL.

I’m not a virgin :<

But Hello anyways.

S: 5.9'' x 5.25'' BPEL x EG [Vol=184cm³] (2015-10-01)

C: 6.4'' x 5.5'' BPEL x EG [Vol=232cm³] (2016-04-20)

G: 9.5'' x 6.00'' BPEL x EG [Vol=423cm³] (?-?-?)

Hi there, I had an account before, but I forgot the pass. Haha, silly me. Anyways, hello everyone!

Hi guys, great to find such wealth of info on PE on this forum. The best part is the empirical data from so many users.

Happy PEing.

Hi TP Members,

I am a new member lucky to join this illustrious group of fine human beings. I hope to learn and contribute to this great cause :) . My experience with PE is limited to past attempts with Jelqing and Pumping. However without guidance I found it impossible to stay focused and dedicated to the task in hand. Having learned the basics from this site, I’ve begun a new mission to improve the quality and size of my penis both flaccid and erect for the purposes of self vanity, ego and the betterment of all those women I hope to make love to from here on. Just kidding! In any case I want to see if I really can grow my penis to a more desirable size. It’s currently BPEL 5.5” in length x 1.25” in girth when erect. My goal is to add at least 2” in length and 0.75” in girth. I also want to be able to achieve rock hard erections with visible veins along the shaft. Also, it would be nice to be able to ejaculate forcibly and in quantity like the infamous Peter North a fellow Taurus Male being born May 11, 1957 364 days before me! He is also a fellow Canuck being born in Halifax Nova Scotia. So that’s it. I’ve no longer a TP Virgin!

TaurusMale, are you sure that you measured your girth correctly?

That was the diameter at the base. The girth is 5” at it’s widest or mid-point below the gland. The diamter there is about 1.5” Thanks for pointing this out. I confused the terminology.

No worries, just making sure. I started at your size also and have done well so far. Are you currently on the newbie routine?

Yes, just started the newbie routine last week. So far, so good. It’s enjoyable too. I find that, I’ve used some Tiger Balm as someone else suggested to warmup the skin and help with blood flow. It seems to work. Also, I find that I’m able to hold back the urge to ejaculate during or at the end of my routine which I usually do before I go to bed. It’s fun because I get to work out with my favourite mags but being able to hold back from ejaculate gives me a better pump which I then clamp with some rubber rings I have. Then, I read for a while until my erection subsides and I remove the cock rings and go to bed. I also started going to bed with no bottoms on just a top but keep my gym short near by. I sleep alone so no problems there. I find that when I wake up in the morning my penis is fatter than before I started PE as it’s still engorged with blood and I’ve probably had a few erections during the night while sleeping. I read that it’s best to sleep without bottoms in a cooler room to help your testes produce more Testosterone.


Hello Brothers and Sisters =). I’m new to this outstanding club and I would to Introduce myself. I’m MoneyMan get used to seeing me around here. I used to be 9” but now I am 6 3/4” I think it’s due to weight gain. I am now 6 ft 240 pounds I used to be 175. So yeah thanks guys for the help and support.

Hello everyone. I’m new to Thunder’s Place. I’m sorry if I offend anyone who is actually much smaller than average. I have possibly delusional ideas about my own penis size, and in my mind, I equate being in the low end of the “normal” flaccid length range as being very very small. This is my experience with PE:

I developed a lot of pubic hair at the age of 12, and I wasn’t ashamed of it - thought I was becoming a man. I had already become girl crazy. Then came a doctor’s checkup which ruined my self perception. The doctor said, “Don’t worry about it your penis not growing yet. It will catch up later in puberty. Secondary sexual characteristics sometimes develop at different times.” I will never forget that doctor’s visit. I actually hadn’t given my penis size a second thought until then. Probably about a year later, I had looked an a porno mag or two, which obviously further changed my perception. I kept waiting for my penis to grow, but never thought I experienced the “penis growth” stage of puberty. I thought my penis just grew a little in proportion to my body, but that I never experienced the development of this “secondary male sexual characteristic”.

I played baseball in high school, but I never showered with the guys in the locker room. In the later years of high school, I was humiliated by my teammates and my coach for refusing to shower. I didn’t have any friends at the end of high school. I measured my penis when I was about 15-16, and thought it was way too small, even though my erect size had been over 5 inches. My flaccid penis grows a lot (I’m an incredible grower). I asked my doctor if I could take testosterone because I might have testosterone deficit. He looked surprised and said no I don’t need it. I had my testosterone in my late teens tested, and it was in the average range.

When I was finishing high school, I think my penis was maybe 5.8 inches when erect, and my flaccid penis was normally about 2 - 2.5 inches which I found horribly humiliating. I thought my penis was half the length of many “average” 4 inch ones. The fact is, that when flaccid, my penis was, and still is, WAY smaller than some guys, especially when you consider penis size to be volume (if you account for girth). I didn’t believe in the “foreshadowing effect” influencing my perception here, because I could look in the mirror at my penis, at the same angles as other guys in the locker room. I was 6”, 190 lbs, pretty muscular, and I didn’t think that the “grower/shower” phenomena could account for my erect penis being that much larger to the extent that it was average.

I found “Tom Hubbard’s Practical Penis Enlargement” when I was 18 (9 years ago). I don’t know if some of the gains I measured were from the end of puberty. I also don’t know if some of the gains were in my head, from pressing the ruler in harder or just from getting a stronger erection. I guess that at one point I thought I was under 6”, and that after 4-5 months of weight hanging, I was over 6.25. But no one was talking about NBP/BP at this time. When I pressed the ruler extra hard, it could have been 6.5 inches or more. Unfortunately I developed devastating depression and a though disorder which interrupted my penis enlargement attempts.

Over the past several years I did a little weight hanging a couple times, but only for a month at a time, and a little jelqing or stretching now and then. Sometime I think that I did in fact gain that initial .5 inch from hanging, and even possibly another .5 inch from the brief jelqing or stretching that I’ve done over the years. But the uncertainty I experience is horrible. Sometimes I think that hanging weights didn’t do anything, or that it only increased my flaccid stretched. Or that I was a little under average erect and still am, and that I was way under average flaccid, and still am!

I only I lost my (actual) virginity this year at 27 years old in a one night stand. If it’s really possible, I’d like to have a true average flaccid penis size, and a true above average penis length. PE keeps getting back into my live, and taken time and concentration away from me, so I just want to achieve my goal and be done with it.


S: (5.5-6.9”) x (4.3-4.8”) “erect length”
C: I don’t know.. I’ll work on getting a real current BPEL.. Which I think I’ll change to my starting size.
G: “high average” or “big”.. Another inch in length erect, although my girth is what eventually will need more work.

Not a virgin anymore

I really appreciate the site. I’ve been a member for several weeks now, and to be honest, will probably not get as much out of it as some of the before and after pictures I’ve seen. But, my Johnson feels better and I feel better about my Johnson. So, if it grows I won’t complain, and I will enjoy reading the ventures of like minded individuals.

Thanks for having me.


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