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Lose your Thundersplace posting virginity here!

Hey all :)

So I guess I have lost my virginity when this is posted :D

But I just registered to get some points of view on some things that was on my mind - but it seems like I have to post 30 times and wait 14 days.. Hmpf :| unless I can just babble on here :P haha

Just joined today :P

Just joined, been lurking the website for few months now. Always wanted to start PE but well I’d feel I’d wait till I make an account on here. Now that I have one I will start doing the newbie routine and see how far I get with that.

Hey guys. As a newbie I hope to learn a lot from this site. (:

What?! A newbie who doesn’t believe that he knows everything already? That’s strange.

Welcome and good luck.


Hey everybody, I’ve been visiting this forum since late last year around October, and trying to register since then!! I clicked register last night, expecting the usual “sorry we’re full at the moment” etc and when it asked for my information I almost shat myself I was so surprised!

Anyways, now that I’m a member I hope that I can be more consistent with my PE training. The most I’ve ever gone without more than a week break was about 3-4 weeks, doing the newbie routine. I saw great flaccid gains and possibly very minimal erect gains, I never measured my post stats as my routine sort of just fell apart after winter break from both college and work.

And uh, I’m 19, making me probably one of the youngest members here at Thunder’s. My starting stats are low, but I’ll be optimistic and say that it only means I’ve just got even more to gain (pun intended) from PE. Great to be here everyone, and good luck!

That’ s my third post, but who cares?

I’m extremely curious so I thought I’d sign up.

I’m Greek and a member of a Greek forum so I’ll tell you the good and the bad things about this one. Well it’s boring (I’m sorry) and the layout is not that helpful.

Oh, I’m a girl too(hope you don’t mind that).

Nahh. We do have other female members.


That’s good.

I would have thought of a better name than DanDaMan if I was a girl. Hahaha

I’m a bit tired and I can’t think straight I guess.

I thought you didn’t accept any women. Oops.

We do. Now enter your stats in our PE database, please. :D

I don’t know where that is.

I don’t even know how to log out.

Please help!

About the database, I was kidding.

To log out, just click on your name in the first page and then ‘log out’ on the menu.

Re(that’s greek) marinera it’s late for both of us.

You Italian, me Greek.

I need to go to sleep.

See you guys!


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