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Lose your Thundersplace posting virginity here!

Whats up guys? Been lurking for a few weeks, decided to break myself in.. Perhaps I’ll become a posting whore. :)

I was extremely fortunate to become a member before the registration closed!! I’ll count my lucky stars.


Hi I was wondering if there was a thread I could read for motivation. I have known about PE for 10 years but never took the time to actually do it. Send response here and by pm if possible. I don’t log in too much. Thanks

Hello a newbie but an oldie I have always been interested in penis enlargement and this is the best place for information

Very intelligent people. I am getting frustrated to find the time to do PE in private my missus is a someone is always looking through my private stash of PE tools. I am a father of 8 children so I’m kept very busy besides my work so where do you find the time to do all the exercising


Hello, I am new to this forum hope to learn allot, it all looks very interesting.


Whats up everyone? Been lurking for a while, finally decided to sign up. I am in an information overload here.

Hi, been jelqing for 2 months now, started wearing an extender. Glad to see I am not the only one concerned about the size =)

Hey all. This is my first post, I have some questions.. I have been doing the stretching and jelqing for bout two weeks now. I don’t know if I’m being to aggressive with my penis but it has been very tender for the last week is that normal or should I calm it down a little bit?

Hey guys. Stumbled upon this place a few weeks back. It’s a wealth of information and a genuine sense of community comes through in all the posts I’ve checked out so far. Thanks to all involved with setting up & maintaining this site, not to mention the huge database of educational and inspirational posts. I just know it’s going to be one of the luckiest discoveries I’ve ever made.

Been doing the newbie routine for a couple of weeks - starting at 2 on, 1 off - and noticing slightly better flaccid hang and some improved engorgement already. My stats are 5.9” BPEL and 4.7” EG. Goals are 7 & 5. Good luck everyone.

Just wanted to say it’s good to be here. Thanks for having me. I will post some measurements a pictures sometime before next week

Wassup Gentlemen,

This is my first post but I’m a long time lurker. Was always interested in increasing my size but never had the opportunity to due to lack of privacy, time, or just plain laziness. I’ve been gaining a lot of information by looking through this site, for which I would like to express my gratitude to whomever started it and active members who have imparted their wisdom upon. I got my own place so I’ve delved a little into PEing over the last few months but never got really disciplined with it. I started with the Newbie Guide but lowered the number of jelqs to 80 to start. My first PE session, I warmed up in the shower, then did manual stretches in my room with the tv on. 4 sets of 30 second stretches in 4 directions (Inverted V-Stretches, Down, Left, Right). I completed my 80 jelqs, and feeling great about my first full PE session, I decided to use that enthusiasm (and already erect penis) and added my own exercise. I would get my erection to 100% (or close to it) and, using the OK grip, grip the base of my penis as reasonably hard as possible and hold for 10 seconds. I know there’s a name for this exercise but I can’t recall. I did about 4 or 5 x 10 second holds. When I washed up afterwards, I immediately saw red dots on my glans. I read that red pin pricks on the head is not necessarily a negative PI so I continued the workout for about a week and 1/2 further. During this time, I started to see a decrease in my EQ so I laid off PE for a week or so.

I read another article by member “Kevin-something” where he was experimenting with lower jelq #s; starting around 60. He also mentioned a “slightly stronger than masturbatory”-grip. Upon reading that, I realized that my previous grip was too strong when jelqing. So using this method, I started doing 60 wet jelqs and increased to 120 over the course of a month, still not PEing regularly; maybe 2 sessions a week. Another thing I had a problem with was manual stretches; I seemed to be gripping too hard. I felt like it was too strong, but that’s the only way I could get a good stretch so I kept it. I’ve recently been busy so I haven’t PE’d in about a week and a half but just a couple days ago have noticed a substantial increase in EQ. I’ve been getting night wood like crazy and it often wakes me up at night. This wasn’t happening prior to the break. I also usually drink a fair amount of water before sleeping and I’ve heard that night wood sometimes occurs because the bladder is full and it is preventing you from wetting yourself because it’s hard to urinate with an erect penis. I’m just hoping that any increase in the frequency and intensity in night wood is a positive thing. I’m thinking that the 1 1/2 week lay off has returned my penis to a healthy state but who knows.

In any case, I read the NEW Newbie Routine and it made sense to start at a very low jelq range. I felt like my previous workouts were too hard on my penis. Another article “Is LESS more or MORE more?” got me thinking; I workout at the gym and over the course of the past 10 years, I’ve finally come to realize that my body responses to the “LESS is more” thinking. So last night I started with 20 quality wet jelqs (3+ seconds each) and have cut stretching out of my routine. I plan to continue the NEW Newbie Routine for the next month or two and wanted to start a Progress Log but found out that I need at least 31 posts to start. But I think it’s important to have a log so that I’m held accountable and it’ll be interesting to go over it in the coming months and see how much progress I’ve made. I know, I know veterans: PE takes time. I don’t have illusions of grandeur and expect to see gains of 3+ inches in a matter of months. I’d be ecstatic to gain 1/2” in a year. But I’m willing to stick with it and just follow the Newbie Routine for a while.

Sorry for the extremely long post and thank you for having the patience to read it all. I’m excited for my journey into PE. As soon as I’m allowed, I hope to keep a log of my progress. Until then, I’ll be around the boards, working my way to 31 posts! ;)

This isn’t really my first post, but I thought I should post here anyway to officially loose my thunders place virginity! :) I can’t wait to see what results I can get!

Well we all have to eventually lose our virginity and there`s no better time then now. I have been reading a lot of threads here and getting as much information as I could before attempting any new exercise. I have to say I`m very impressed with the amount of information that is given here.

I`m very excited about the possibilities that I can achieve.

Finally could sign up to Thunder’s Forum due to number of people already members, just want to say Thanks, I’ve been reading for the last 1/2 months on PE, going to actually do it now.

Started 3/2010 BPEL 6.5", EG 4.5"

Aim Anything Bigger.

Hello to all, I’m looking forward to starting PE sometime soon, when I get the time and privacy. I’ve been reading

A few things here on the forums and just getting familiar with the terms and such.


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