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Sup.I’m a new member here and just wanted to post. Good luck to everyone on their gains, I’m really hoping to benefit from this site.

Hey all. As a newbie I hope to learn a lot from this site. Here’s to a long and productive PE career!

Hey guys, glad I could finally join!

Just wanted to say I’m glad to have found a forum like this

Thank God for this forum. I Jelqed before and then stopped after overworking my special member and never really did it again. Just started back three weeks ago and have been using the newbie routine and already seeing very positive gains.thanks for the site guys, I will try and post more once the schedule turns just a little less insane.

Hi as a newbie, just wanted to join in, post and say hello. Fairly new to all this - but met a mate who we are trying it out together, keen to understand better the gains guys have made against the level of effort put in.

Just wanted to say hi and share my little story.

I’m back from a 3-4 year break (due to minimal/no gains from a stupid routine of 1 hour full erect jelqs 5-6 days a week, no warm-ups, no kegels). I was way to immature to do PE and thought I, and my body could do anything, which ended up with way to much over training and a unit very close to serious injuries. I only gained 0.2 girth and no lenght from almost 2 years. Since I stopped I’ve done a few uli’s and a bit of clamping but not anything real the last 2 years.

1 month ago, I decided to look at thundersplace again, and read the is more less, or is less more thread. This opened my eyes and I started doing exactly what thundersplace said - warm-ups, basic stretching for 5-10 minutes (with toilet paper for grip since I’m uncut, great tip!), 50-80% erect jelqing (I try to keep it at 50%) for 10 minutes, warm down and 50 5 sec. Kegels, 2 day on, 1 off. I also drink a lot of water to get a great flaccid hang all day, and I tried to keep ejaculation and sex at a minimum. (Sex 1-3 times a week, no masturbation and ejaculation 4 times since I started)
My EQ is incredible when I have sex! Never seen it like this before, and my GF asked me WTF I’ve done to my unit since it’s grown like that! This made me measure on a 2nd, off-day (no pump anymore), and it seems like I’ve already gained 0.1 inch girth!! (0.2 when I kegel, compared to before when I kegeled) and maybe even a bit of lenght to!
This rocks! I just can’t wait to see if I’ve grown again in a month from now!!

I hope that I will gain as much as 1” lenght and 0.7” girth one happy day, and I’m looking forward to a great journey here at thundersplace.

Hello, I am new here, and this my first post on this thread.
I will only post at a thread when I have read it completely, which I have done now.
I have read some of the Veterans on this site, it is useful.

I wish all healthy and good gaining

Out of darkness into the light. Hello, everyone


This site is a great. A lot of good information. Good luck to everyone.

Great site. Loving the success stories.

Hey all, new to the site; just started the newbie routine. Excited to see results!

Welcome! I am excited to hear about your results as well!

PE Goal: 7.5" NBP x 5.8" MSG

Hello everyone, This is my first post. I’ve been PEing consistently for 6 months now. I had made some half ass attempts at it for a couple years, but until recently(6 months ago) I never stuck with it.

I’ve made great gains to date ( 1 1/8” length, 1/8” girth) using exercises from another site(PE-GYM).

I joined here because of the huge amount of info available. So I guess I should start by saying thanks to everyone who makes this place possible!


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