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Lose your Thundersplace posting virginity here!

Hey all,

Just felt like introducing myself and losing my “Thunders-place virginity”. Well, where to start, um. I recently had sex with my girl and I had found out that she had already been with a guy that was 7”-8” according to her. This was of major discussion for an entire night, forcing me to become a bit edgy, and it eventually led to her trying to find ways of getting me bigger. She showed me links to some “wonder pills” but I have always been skeptical about pills that increase penis size or anything of that nature. And at $60 per bottle, I was pretty reluctant. So my search on alternatives had begun. I found a few sites but they required money to begin so I was on the quest of finding a free site which had basically the same information and a great user base. My search ended here as I saw the great number of videos available and decided to sign up. I’ve learned so much so far and right now I’m just trying to get the basic technique down for the newbie routine. I haven’t measured yet but it seems like my flaccid length has improved a bit already, even after just 1 day. Maybe it is but I’m still kinda skeptical as I have had good days before but also bad where it’s like I don’t have anything in my pants. Anyways, before this turns into my life story I better quit typing. :P

I just started today.hooray for me

Inspiring to gain an inch and ill be good to go, is this permanent?

I want to gain at least an inch and a half by the end of summer.

Whats up..

I never post , but I’ve always wanted to say that I appreciate the hell out of this site.

This is not my first post, but since I’ve only posted once in over a year since I joined, I might as well give a little update.

I didn’t really start serious PE until January of this year, but I am happy to report that I think it works. I mostly dry jelq and have gained about .5 inches in length and maybe .25 inches in girth. This may only be due to better erection quality, but hay, I’ll take it. I’m thinking about getting a pump so that I can do a pump/clamp routine, but I think I will wait until I move out of my parents’ place. Yes I am 24 and still live at home, but I just graduated and got a pretty good job, so hopefully I’ll be out of the house in the next few months. Peace.

1/02/2006 - 6.0x4.25 NBP | Short Term Goal - 7.0x5.0 NBP

7/11/2006 - 6.5x4.50 NBP

Originally Posted by verryherry
Inspiring to gain an inch and ill be good to go, is this permanent?

Yes its permanent, but you will need to do a “cementing” routine after reaching your goal to keep the gains.

Originally Posted by youngskillz24
I want to gain at least an inch and a half by the end of summer.

Thats highly unlikely that you’ll gain that much in just a few months, this is a marathon not a sprint, set smaller goals for shorter time periods, or you’ll end up disappointed.

Current PE status - Contemplating Retirement. STARTED - 6.75"x5.25" CURRENTLY 7.5"x5.5" - BPFSL - 7.25"

How to use the search button for best results. If you actually USE the search button, this is worth a read

Hey every one I am new to this site but I have done pe before with modest gains. These threads are very helpful. Good luck guys

Hey guys I found this site through google when I was searching for jelqing videos. This is an awesome place I must say.very helpful people and very knowledgeable.


I posted a length Pic at the members picture forum a year or two ago ,but did not post alot so

here I am losing my posting verginity.

I starte at 6.25 BP two months ago and am 6.5 BP today,just fopr the record I was even smaller but did not keep a log.

I think I will post a log soon.

Grate forum thunder you are an inspiration to us all!

Since I need to have 20 posts to start my own progress report I am :) .

My stats 7 2/16 BPEL, and ~5 girth. I don’t have yet an accurate messeurement for girth since I want to start with length first and after that work on girth. My optimistic goal is 9x6 in 1.5 years. I’m very very dedicated, and hopefully with some help from you guys I’ll reach my goals. I’m no newbie to PE, I have to date a 3/8 length gain, but since in the beginning I didn’t take an accurate measurement I can’t be sure of anything.

Just recently my gf told me about her huge ex, form her approximations he was 8+ x 6+. She’s been with this guy for more than 10 years and thinks his dimensions were normal. We had marathon sex and she said was the best ever, I just can’t believe her anymore, and I’m seriously thinking of ending my relation ship with her.. I just have too many issues at this point.

I just started reading today and I know I will find so much resources.. Abundant maybe in PE. I will get serious about this.. Promise. Ha-ha.

Hey everyone,

I just want to say thank you to everyone at this site. It is by far the best forum I’ve ever found on the internet, and I hope to finally make some contributions to it. I think I first found the site nearly 2 years ago, and in that time I haven’t been particularly consistent. In fact, I’ve spent the last two years starting a routine for a few weeks, stopping for a few months, etc. Etc. I’ve made plenty of excuses (not enough time being the big one) but I’m done putting it off. To think what I could have accomplished in the last 2 years if I had simply gotten down and seriously PE’d.. But no more regrets, and no more putting this off. Thanks again to everyone, and good luck.

Hey guys I’m sort of semi-new I suppose. I’ve been doing PE for about 1 month now and I see gain in flaccid size and more defined veins in erect size. I’m 5.25x3.85 (tiny), my short-term goal would probably be 6x4.25, just want to be average for now.


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