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Lose your Thundersplace posting virginity here!

Hey guys!

<—-Newb. Will post current stats in my signature block in the near future (when I can find a ruler that small LOL). I am looking forward to sharing my, and reading about your, progress.

Damn it this is really what I need.

Hey, new to this site. Tried to register a month ago but registrations were closed. Glad it opened now. I lost my posting virginity before this thread, but it was only once so I doubt it counts ;) . I’m a virgin in real life as well.I hope to change that with the PE stretches. This site really brings my hopes up.

January 10, 2010 -- BPEL: 4.90" - EG: 5.00" - BPFL: 2.00"

September 10, 2011 -- BPEL: 5.20" - EG: ?" - BPFL: ?

April 23, 2014 -- BPEL: 5.50" - EG: ? - BPFL: ?

Hi everybody!

Hello!! Noob here :) Lots of good info on this site! Thank you!

Hello all,

I’ve been lurking a couple of months. I decided to join because I’m starting to see gains already.
I was a bit skeptical at first, that’s my nature, but I’m a believer now!

This place is great!

First post


So, I’ve been a member for some months already and think I’m on my way to see some gains. I can’t say I’ve been consistent to a rutine, but the last couple of weeks I’ve been a good boy and already seen good flaccid gains.

Also I’m wondering if I can start a progress log somewhere? :)

The Norwegian

Originally Posted by norway

Also I’m wondering if I can start a progress log somewhere? :)

Yes, in the newbie forum. A mod will move the thread in the appropriate section (hopely :) ). If you want to post pics also, definitely ask to a mod to move the thread before uploading.

Good luck on your gains.

Hey guys I just wanted to know more about girth exercises since my erect size is about average but girthwise I’m abit on the skinny side - that’s what I think anyway

Any response will be greatly appreciated cheers!

Hi!! I’m new to this site; I’m an Italian boy and I’d like to increase my erect size and girth! I tried Penimaster.but it didn’t work as I wanted (too much pain!).

I hope finding here my new sizes!!

My situation is that —> BPEL: 15 cm — EG: 14 — FL: 8 cm

And my goal are: BPEL: 18 cm — EG: 16 — FL: 10

Do you think that I can reach it?

I hope obtain some good results!

What’s up? I’ve been visiting infrequently for a few months now. Grabbed the newbie routine and ran with it. Although, I’ve only used it for a few weeks, my EQ is great. I’ve done kegels for quite some time though.

I have noticed a slight gain since starting too.

Start: 5.75x5.5” Now: 6.2x6”

It feels great and my wife has noticed. This is all from the newbie routine 3 days on 1 day off. Needless to say, I’m going to continue.

Hi ? D:

This is my first post.=)

This forum is awesome!!
I want to try this routine ^^

Start : 2010-02-23 - 5.00" (12.5 cm) BPEL, 4.00" EG (10 cm)

Now : 2013-12-21 - 7.08" (18 cm) BPEL, 5.50" EG (13.9 cm)

Goal : BPEL 8.0 ", 6.5 EG

Permanent Gains

FINALLY I am posting my first reply on this site. I just have one question and I guess this would be aimed at the PE veterans. Has anyone noticed gains that they have not lost after stopping PE? I see on this site that there are a lot of people who stop for various reasons (injury, boredom, Not seeing the expected results.etc.) These people complain they have lost all gains they have worked their asses off for. Is there always going to be a little loss when PE is stopped for any period longer then a month or so? I am interested in knowing because I do not want to keep doing PE for the rest of my life. I want to be able to reach a comfortable length and girth and I want to enjoy that. Right now I am 7.25 length and 5.1 girth erect. If anyone has seen permanent gains after stopping PE your input would be appreciated. Thanks and happy stretching!! :)


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