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Originally Posted by peresearcher, his 6th post ever
Just letting everyone know that there’s a new brain in town. I’m here to answer many questions (yes even newbie questions), so ask away. Either pm me or email me.

What are your credentials?

All of 6 posts?

My Before and After pics -- .5" gain...

And every single one of those six posts written in “guru” mode at that.

Running a Massive Co-Front.

Hello everyone. I used to lurk here back in the day but I guess my account was deleted. Hopefully I can stay on the path this time.

Hi everyone. Ram1987 here, I recently discovered ur website from the comments page on This is my first post on thunderforums.

Whilst I don’t feel suicidal about my d ick size, I am not fully satisfied with it either and my prime concern is that my average sized d ick doesn’t quite suit my muscular body. So I look forward to doing a couple of these new exercises and hopefully, by the end of it - put on an inch or two.

I am currently a 6.1 inch in length and I dunno about the girth cos I aint got a tape to measure it, always used a ruler. Anyways, I look forward to reading some interesting posts and benefitting from the PE experience.. ;-)


Hey whats up, this is first time here

I know generally you start to see results in three months, but when do you hit the plateau and start to have difficulty gaining?

How do you get an avatar?

Hi there,

Found Thundersplace about 6 weeks ago and have been following a mild routine since then. I’ve really enjoyed reading a lot of the stories etc. And the free advice regarding PE from the contributions from many of the more senior members. This has been the most interesting and has shaped my philosophy on what I’d like to acheive and the safest way of acheiving it.

Started off at 6.1” EL and 4.8” EG and am now at 6.1” EL and 5.1” EG. Routine is merely some light stretching and 2 sets of wet jelqing for 10 mins each set (1 set in morning, 1 in evening). I’ve now started to combine some fowfers, when I’m able to, try to remember to do a certain amount of kegels per day and finally I received a magnetic wrap (same as the ‘Thera’ wrap just called something different in the UK) which I apply in the evening after my second set.

I have noticed the following benefits in the 6 weeks I’ve been ‘at it’:

* Increase in erect girth
* Increase in flaccid length & girth (unmeasured as FL too changeable)
* Increase in morning wood strength and consistency
* Increase in German vocabulary as I listen to my language tapes whilst jelqing

Cheers to the UK guy who supplied the magnetic wrap link and thanks to the US guy who discovered it.. Even with my average size I now feel like I have a packet that Fed-Ex would have trouble delivering.

I actually PE’d a little by ‘accident’ over the years and I reckon I might have been about 5.5” EL if it wasn’t for this, but I cannot substantiate this claim.

Always been happy with my size but, an extra inch L&G and a 5” dick ‘on the slack’ (flaccid) would be ace!


Doesn’t this thread defeat the whole purpose of “virginity” limits on posting? Not that I mind though :)

OK, one more to hit the magic 10 posts number. I’ve been doing PE for just over a year now. I’ve gained an inch and a half in length and maybe a quarter of an inch in girth, all on newbie routine. My growth has stalled in the last few months so I’m going to go into pumping now - I’m mainly interested in girth. My stats: NBPEL 7.5, EG 5.7



Newbie here, just started taking extagen, but realize I would need to do more to get a decent gain, and so here I am. I have to say I am a bit skeptical that this will work, but I’m going to give it a real go.


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