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I discovered PE forums 2 years ago but lack of belief in PE kept me from starting a routine. Fool on me, so this time I’m going to stick with it and get a penis to be proud of.


Hi, first post! I haven’t really had enough time to have a proper look around but I’m eager to get going!

Whats up guys

Oh, you know, usual shit - adding half inch here and there.

Howdy, I’m looking forward to reading everyone’s stories and advice.

Hey guys, first post from a newbie here. I tried PE for awhile back in early 2009 and grew about .5 inches. Then I got an injury (the hard flaccid penis) so I am currently taking supplements / not masturbating to recover. I’ll start posting more once I’m fully recovered and get back into PE! This is a great forum though and everyone here is super supportive.


I’m new member

My size is 6x6 and I’m trying to be 7x6. Hope I can achieve it with your help.

Big tool to start with, Mraabs. How is going in the Big and Mysterious India?

Just started my PE regiment a few days ago and I’m totally hooked, I am just doing the newbie workout to start, and hopefully after the first month ill see some gains then I can move to the ADS and advanced workouts! I took some before pic so I can go back and look at the end of the month!

Hello I just joined here my goal is to get a thicker penis, right now I am 7 inches and don’t like how thin I look. So any advice would be great. Also I started pumping but don’t really see any results at all or expanding or nothing. Just seems like it was before I pump.

Hey there, just saying whats up. I don’t usually post cause I get all the info I need by reading. Not really anything much to say. But it’s nice meeting you all. Good Luck, Great Gains!

I am almost at the end of month 3, using two different extenders. My preferred one is the X4 Deluxe kit from X4 labs. I work at home, have unlimited hours to use for stretching, and have gained some where between .75” and 1” . While I don’t have a specific goal in mind, I will admit that I love wearing an extender. Not sure where things may max out to, however, I am not worried.

It’s Growing!

Initial=> Bpel: 6.5 Nbpel: 6.0 Eg: 5.25

Current=> Bpel:7.0 Nbpel: 6.5

Goal=> Nbel: 7.5 Eg: 6.25

I lost it. It won’t be missed :D

He he, finally found a forum I can really relate to! Instead of buying and expensive car I decided to grow my unit while I get it’s curvature fixed. I’m not disappointed of it’s original length, but the curve’s painful if I’m trying anything other than missionary. It wouldn’t matter that much if my unit was a bit softer on erection but it’s stone hard always ;)

After wearing Penimaster for 2 weeks I weirdly miss it when not using it. LOL


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