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Oh, right Max C.


Thank you

I’ve been reading, reading and more reading. Thanks for a great site!

Very new

Just registered yesterday. So much to read it’ll make your head spin. I believe I am going to start hanging with a captain’s wench. I was interested in ads and the stuff on golf weights but can’t find how you use them, even after searching, any help?

Registered last night

In dire need of PE. I would like to do ads but cannot find how the golf weights work? I might have to go with hanging using the captains wench. Which I like, I’d just like to do as much SAFE exercising as I can.


My goal


Hi, ohiojoe,

do you know we suggest newbies to start wit the newbie routine, I suppose.

Welcome and good luck.

Hi.currently using andropenis.wanna learn some more bout PE from this forum.

I haven’t posted much because I’m still “new” after 1 year and am relegated to the newbie forum.

Originally Posted by WrightMan

I haven’t posted much because I’m still “new” after 1 year and am relegated to the newbie forum.

You can post in all forums. You can’t start a thread in the Main Forum, but if the topic is appropriate a mod will move it there. :)

A 'lot'

What is a “lot”? And how do you know if you have a lot of it

Grip while stretching

Where and how do you grip the penis while stretching?

Originally Posted by cf2990

What is a “lot”? And how do you know if you have a lot of it

Ehmm….just a bit vague, isn’t it?

I’ve been a member for quite some time, with quite a similar amount of silence. Out of the game for a year-ish, I feel like it’s time for my routine to come back, and if I post, then I’ll have to stick with it, right? But really I stopped doing PE because I was only 17-18 and eventually felt like I wasn’t even giving my unit a chance to grow. I am glad I stopped because I went from somewhere around 5.5 BPEL x 4.25 to 6.25bpelx4.5 on those nice pubescent hormones alone. I’m now on the newbie routine once again hoping to reach my goal of 7.25 BPEL x 5.75. I don’t want a monster, just a confident tool. What do you think, Newbie routine for 2-3 months and then start working in girth exercises (secretly I cannot wait to do Horse440s again, they were my absolute favourite)? Let me know. I am also very interested in aerobic exercise and it’s effects and also eating healthfully to increase healing/gains. Open for all kinds of conversation

Hey all, just stopping by to introduce myself. I’m 23 and pretty self-conscious in general so naturally, that carries over to my size. About 2 yrs back I tried a paysite (I forget which one now) that focused on jelqing techniques & other exercises. Basically I didn’t follow through and let my membership lapse. Despite the fact that I’m w/ a girl who claims I’m the best by far she’s ever been w/ I’d still get really down about my lack of size once in a while & start searching around online for quick/easy PE solutions like pills/devices, but could never gather enough conclusive info to justify trying any of them. Then a couple nights ago it dawned on me that there’s a shitload of useful info on car enthusiast forums (I’m a gearhead) that lots of people/businesses charge outlandish fees for. Having always thought in the back of my mind that the jelqing thing seemed like the most realistic/safe method of PE, I googled pe forums and here I am.

Anyways, I’m looking forward to starting w/ the Noob routine. @ 5.75” NBPEL, 5.125” EG my short term goal is 6”/5.5”. From the reading I’ve done here the past couple days, I’m thinking that’s realistic. My hopes are high & I’m ready to rawk!


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