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Newbie routine

I have been reading some and my question is with the newbie routine it seems most make their most significant gains doing the newbie routine, like possibly half to one inch after awhile. I am currently about 8 inches naturally and would like to eventually get to about 10 inches, any more than that is getting a tad too much it seems. I am going to start the newbie routine but just start with the stretches for awhile without the jelq. I will eventually move into the Jelq though. What is the effect of masturbation on doing the routine. Is it still possible to masturbate 2-3 times a week. And if so is it better to do it on the days you do the routine, or on a day your not?

2/7/06 BPEL: 7.6", EG: N/A

One Year Goal: BPEL: 8" EG:

Do only stretches and see what it gives. Be aware that, anyway, jelqs and stretches tends to work synergically.

Masturbation has no effects on gains; if you are interested to know more, do a search.

Thanks for the help marinera, but just one more thing. I’ve been doing my newbie routine for about a week now and I was wondering when would it be appropriate to start doing fowfers? My flaccid length isn’t the greatest so do you think it’s safe to do fowfers during the newbie routine? If yes, when would it be best to do them/how many?

I think you can do fowfers now, since they really don’t put too much stress on your unit. Fowfers are done simply sitting on your stretched penis, so it remains in a slightly longer lenght than average FL for about 20-30 per time. You can do up to an hour daily, IMHO.

The point with adding fowfers isn’t that much if they are safe or not, but mostly to not become obsessed with PE. PE is like physical training if you aren’t a professional athlete is just a part of your life, not the whole - PE is a part of your life, not the whole, if you aren’t a porn-star.


I saw that notice on the home page about registration closing soon; being a long time lurker, I took the plunge before I was locked out :) .

I’m from the USA, nice to meet you guys.

Honestly, PE isn’t my biggest priority, but I hope to get a simple and effective routine going.

See you guys around

Later, rylegeyum.

I tired to look up a proper thread of some info but it’s just newbies like me asking questions. I really hope these will be the last questions lol

1. If I do 2 days on/1 day off routine, could I do it every day or just on my off days?

2. How many sessions a day could I do if I were to do for lets say 15 mins at the beginning

3. If my flaccid length is a little less than 3” is it alright if I get a little erect before doing the fowfers?

Hey guys, noob here and eager to get gaining!

I’m thinking about starting my routine when I get to uni, after freshers week of course :)

Have a girlfriend I love alot and she’s my inspiration :)


Thanks a million for the help marinera

No problem.

To all newbies : The most usefeul PE tool is the TP' search engine.

My word.


I think was taking some time until account is activated..

Amazing work is done here by many people with size of their dicks. Perfect forum and can be found pics and videos.
I have a question; in order that I cannot find other lube than johnson baby oil, can this do the job??

Thank you


Baby oil should work fine as lube for jelqs.

This is my second post. Registered two or three days ago, lurked some before. This seems like the type of thing that mainly requires some study, then action, and then for the most part, that’s about it. I sure need PE. Don ‘t even want to say what I measure right now. If I do it and it works, all the more the victory, right?

I have over a eleven thousand post, yea! Have I successfully ended my posting virginity?

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