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Lose erection when standing before and after PE

Lose erection when standing before and after PE

Any of you guys lose your erection when you stand up. It seems that when I’m sitting down it’s all good but when I stand up, gone.

I don’t have any problems standing up but in a hot shower I struggle to get ”fully” hard.. Still don’t know why this is?

Well after years of lurking I think I’ll chime in with my experience. (I actually posted something similar to this way back on the EZ board forum years ago…)

I’ve always had this problem as well. It’s why I only measure sitting down. Also, my erection strength while sitting varies depending on the angle of my pelvis and whether I’m on the edge of a chair, and in only certain positions will my head become fully engorged. Seems that pressure near certain areas of my butt “traps” the blood in. I’ve always chalked it up to a plumbing problem down there.


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