Lordosis and length

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I have congenital lordosis, also known as swayback. This means that my lower back curves a lot more dramatically towards the front of my body than average. Part of this condition is a tilt in the pelvis. Viewed from the side my pelvis is tilted forward, meaning that the top of my pelvis is closer to the front of my body than the bottom.

The reason I think that this effects cock length is that when the bottom of the pelvic bone is farther away from the front of the body more of the cock is internal. This suspicion is confirmed when I measure BPFSL. When I tilt my pelvis to a more normal position while I still have the ruler in place and my dick stretched out, I notice a 3/8” or so increase in length. I suspect that if I were to do all the exercises I need to do to correct this condition (a year or two at least in my case) that I would get a half inch in length just from all this postural correction.

How do you know is you have lordosis/swayback too? Lie down on the floor, legs flat on the floor too. Feel how much room is between the floor and your lower back. It is normal and healthy to have some room there, say enough room to slide your hand in there. I can slide my whole forearm under without my arm taking any weight. Mild cases can be caused by sitting at a computer all day, more serious cases by obesity.

Dose anyone else have any experience with this?