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Loosening skin

Loosening skin

Hi, I’ve started jelqing almost a year ago. For the first few months I made great gains and my skin and penis grew together.

Recently, I have hardly been doing my PE exercises because the skin on my penis is starting to loosen up. This means two things for me 1) I don’t want to continue PE and have skin that is much larger than my penis 2) My now slightly looser penis skin makes it harder to do various PE exercises.

Does anyone have any tips or suggestions? I’m an 18 year old male so my skin should be more elastic than most members here, but I am also circumcised. I’ve tried moisturizing, but I have not noticed any dramatic difference. This problem has made me stop PEing for the past 4-6 months.

I have the same problem, but it seems that my skin only stretched so far and I have not noticed it getting any looser. Jelqing downwards, for some reason, is easier and my skin doesn’t get in the way. Upwards however, all the skin goes with it and bunches at the top. I just hold it back with the other hand as I jelq upward. When I am erect and not jelqing the skin doesn’t get in the way. Not sure if this is the case for you though.

You could always have a second circumcision. Just kidding. Some guys want and prefer more skin. Some want there foreskin back that was taken away when they were a child without there choice to do so. There has even been a recent documentary on TV about the subject. Personally I am circumcised but have managed to stretch my skin and now have a technique to make it even longer. I like the feel. It can look circumcised but also stretch. I can fit my mobile phone in there ha!

WHOOPS meant to say that I am NOT circumcised.

Thanks for the suggestions though. I’ll try changing my jelqs a little bit.

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