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Loose skin from nut sack causes jelqing problems


I’m a newbie paranoid about turkey neck. I’ve been trying to hold the sack when doing PE. It only seems to make sense that this will help to avoid turkey neck. If you add 2 inches to your dick the skin has to come from somewhere and if you hold the nutsack it would cause the skin to stretch.

As for the hair removal on the shaft, I suggest plucking. I started with shaft and now do balls and shaft. It requires some time but considering the time required for PE it is a drop in the bucket. Once you have the initial plucking done (took me 1-2 hours over 5 days) then it is just random maintenance (10-15 min every few days). It becomes less painful after a few sessions. Some tips to reduce are have a hot bath/shower to open pores, spread skin to open the pore that holds the hair to be plucked and pull out the hair slowly in the direction that it grows.

This also is a good way to keep the erection level down while doing PE. It’s the next best thing to permanent hair removal, lasts longer than shaving and it’s free.

It leaves the unit looking/feeling way smoother. I noticed the wife checking the unit out during my last plucking session. Not sure why her eyes became a little glued for a brief period, she didn’t say anything, either the PE is making it look healthier or the plucked look is more appealing. Regardless, later that night she was licking and sucking on the sack with some vigor and that hasn’t happened for a while!

Started PE Oct 1/06 - bpel 13.5cm (5.3") eg 13.5cm (5.3") el 12cm (4.7") Dec 1/06 - bpel 14.0cm (5.5") eg 13.5cm (5.3") el 12.5cm (4.9")

Currently - bpel 14.2cm (5.5") eg 14.0cm (5.6") el 13.0cm (5.1")

Max GOAL : EL 18.5cm (7.3") EG 15cm (6") "Although I will quit at first sign of interference with anal or oral"

You know, if one is a newbie, and looking to gain some length, wouldn’t some of the turkey neck dissipate, ‘cause as the shaft grows longer, the skin will be stretched up it, and it won’t dangle underneath as much?

Am I missing something there, or is that correct? Vets?


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