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Loose base

Loose base

Hey guys I am into my 4th week of PE using the newbie routine. I can already tell a difference in my EQ, it’s amazing! I have a curve to the left but it’s a little different than the other curves I have seen. If I put my left leg on the side of the toilet for example and just stand on my right leg, my penis is perfectly straight, and when both feet are on the ground it goes to the left. I can easily move my base around and when I push down on the right side of the base, my penis goes straight. I am trying manual stretches pulling in all directions to fix this. I think if I build the ligs on the right side hopefully the dick will pull tighter and stay straight. What suggestions do you guys have to fix this? Thanks again for all of your post, I’m learning a lot!

Yeah, it happens. I have the same thing going on, also to the left. I’ve tried stretching the left ligament more but it doesn’t seem to do much. Check out how this guy is going to fix it. :) It’s not really a big deal; it won’t effect sex, so I don’t see any point in trying to fix it.

Good to hear that you’re seeing better EQ. Keep at it.

Then: 6.75" x 5" ----> Now: 8.5" x 5.75"


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