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Looking to gain some length and girth

No problem and that sounds like a good idea, Tenbris. Keep your goals realistic !

Yeah. We need to keep things real. Because some people look to gain 5 inches in a year or something like that. Its like asking to become millionaire in a day. But lets keep going.

Did you started PE already?

Yeah man exactly, set reachable goals. I started PE about a week ago.

2013-05-15 Bpel 7.500 Eg 5.750

2013-07-23 Bpel 7.750 Eg 5.750

Oh that’s good. I saw that some newbies get 1 inch in their first two months. Maybe we can be that lucky haha

Do you do many jelgs? Or you like more stretching?

Yeah hopefully lol well I kind of screwed up the newbie routine at first. I did 5 mins of stretching and 5 mins of jelqing. However, now that I know the correct way to do the newbie routine I’ve been doing 5 mins of stretching and 10 mins of jelqing. What would you suggest for someone wanting to gain more length then girth.

That you do more stretching and the jelgs but with low erection. That way you get more length because the big erections for jelgs the work more for the girth.

Okay that’s what I was thinking too. I might do 10 mins of stretching and 10 mins of jelqing. What’s your routine like?

2013-05-15 Bpel 7.500 Eg 5.750

2013-07-23 Bpel 7.750 Eg 5.750

I do the 5 minutes of stretching in the morning and like 20 jelgs some days. And in the hour that I can and have time I do 100 to 150 more or less of jelgs with 30 to 50 % of erection. And I also do all of this in the shower with hot water. And I also stretch at night like 3 to 5 more minutes. I’m trying to find the perfect routine for me and gains.

Did you find that spreading out your routine during the day helps with gains? Also what’s the total time spend jelqing normally?

2013-05-15 Bpel 7.500 Eg 5.750

2013-07-23 Bpel 7.750 Eg 5.750

I have to confirm it with more time but I think that it has work for me if I stretch whenever I can. And for jelgs I don’t have the exact time but I do like 100 to 150 almost always and they are 2 seconds to 3 top.

I plan to get more jelg time like make it 3 seconds all of them and make 200. And the stretching I will try to make 4 to 5 min up 4-5 min down or more if I have the time and privacy. And in the night more stretching again.

My main goal right is to gain that inch. When I get 7. I will aim to get the 8x6. But that 7 inch is my main goal as length is what I need. My other goal is to lose weight because I have around 65 pound over the ideal body weight. With loosing weight and getting ripped and gaining an inch my dick will look big because it is now and it looks fat so I imagine what it will look like when I get there.

Dia 1/Day 1- 15 mayo/May 2013- 15 cm X 13 cm. Ahora/Now- 16cm X 13.7cm.

The Size Myth In The Porn Industry

Haha yeah man, you’re on your way. I’m trying to lose weight too as I am going to the gym and eating better

2013-05-15 Bpel 7.500 Eg 5.750

2013-07-23 Bpel 7.750 Eg 5.750

Yeah eating better is something that I really think that will make the difference in this journey. I just want to see my Girlfriend’s face when she sees me with a 7 inches or more and thick and with a good body form jajaja

Yeah haha hey keep me posted brother!

2013-05-15 Bpel 7.500 Eg 5.750

2013-07-23 Bpel 7.750 Eg 5.750

Finally I was able to get the picture of the new unit. Its difficult having the ruler and maintaining the erection and BPress. But finally


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