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Looking to expand my workout

Looking to expand my workout

Ok right now I do;

5 mins warm up

5 mins of stretching

15 mins of wet Jelq


I’m just wondering what if anything I should add to this? I’ve been doing this for about 1.5 months.

Are you seeing any results from this routine? How is your erection quality? Do you feel fatigued at the end of your workout? How many days a week are you doing your routine? Sorry to ask so many questions, but with a bit more information, it will be easier to assess your situation and what might be your next step.

The entire time I have done PE I have phased in different or increased amounts of exercises, So far it has worked pretty well. Ulis are pretty low risk in my opinion, I could be wrong I’m going on month 3 or 4 now.

Good Luck

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Progress Log

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Sorry for the lack of information. So far (about 2.5 months) I’ve gained about 0.35 in length and little girth. I generally do 2 on 1off but every once in a while I take 2 days off. Eq has definitely gone up. My buddy is hanging lower after my work outs generally but it doesn’t feel any different then usual.

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