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Looking into careful, self-induced priapisms for PE

Looking into careful, self-induced priapisms for PE

So, I read this:…2571870/?page=1…2571870/?page=2

It’s been darting around in my head a lot. I mean, the doctors involved noticed his penile hypertrophy progress as the years went by, and he only had his first priapism when he was already 17, so, not a growth spurt.
I know how unsafe these things generally are, but this particular guy was in a hospital for the later days of a lot, if not all of his priapisms, so while he was getting them, by the time they maybe would have posed any real risk like cell death or something, he would be under close observation and it could be intervened if need be (although, it apparently never was for him.. NOT THE POINT!)

Now in my mind, something like taking carefully dosed viagra to induce a priapism as minimal in severity as possible could be a super painful but effective way to go about this PE jazz. Oh, and with all the boner pills and doctor visits, it probably won’t be cheap either.

Actually, there’s probably a lot of risk I haven’t considered, even if you would be under close professional observation.. Really, I think I just hate this guy and his giant priapism dick, like who does that? Jerk

Have you tried the safe, proven and free forms of PE first?

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The idea is not new. When pumping and clamping, you are attempting something like short priapism episodes.

Viagra and Cialis don’t cause priapism that I know. They could help smooth muscle tissue recovering faster and/or reaching a bigger expansion, after a hard girth workout. Not advicing to take it, just thinking loud. Leg and ab work and a good diet will be better than viagra & c. in the long run.

Yea. I think if I had to make the choice, I’d rather just strap on a lamp post over my dong than go through 6 years of hospitalized priapisms.. Cool study tho!

Its what chemical PE can do. Inducing 3-4+ hours erections beyond the normal size.

What you can do is to increase the time gradually you can do erect exercises like pumping or clamping.
You can do it in a superset way like several 30 minute sessions.

I tried some 1 hour + water pumping stuff in my ealier days but they ultimately led to fluid buildup. And as you can see with many extreme fluid pumpers is that they dont gain much.

So the most practical and in Pe terms healthy, I maybe will do myself at some point, is something like this:
10 minute clamp
5 minute edging
20 minute pump
5 minute edging
-repeat for many sets as you can without loosing an errection or getting noticable fluid buildup.

Of course this is only possible with a conditioned dick and experience.

Have you read The Chemical PE Thread, Jaaawwwiii?

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