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Looking for the girth god. PLEASE


Thanks Modestoman.

Originally Posted by ModestoMan
Jelqing, squeezing, and clamping are all very good girth exercises…

I recommend you avoid clamping if you can. It’s a little riskier than the other exercises and may not be necessary.

Good advice here. I would add that girth exercises seem to be more stressful to the penis than length exercises in general. With that in mind, start easy and slowly add as you keep great EQ and watch your PIs.

Good luck.

I have been PEing for 3 years now. I have not done it the right way because I never bothered to balance myself into a proper PE routine. If I had, I’m sure id have more success right now, but I do know GIRTH. I have always been 6 inches long. I used to be 5 inch thick. I started with girth work outs and I recently ended with girth workouts. Now I am doing a regular newbie routine with my own twist so I won’t lose my girth gains. I gained a full inch over 3 years. All I did was ULI’s and JELQ-SQUEEZES. 5 days on, 2 days off. Don’t do it this way. Now that I know better, I am giving myself a ballanced routine. Jelqing is important, and iven I am still working on getting it right. But once you reach a few months into the newbie routine, you should probably try some uli’s and jelq-squeezes.

Originally Posted by tiapro
Hello to everybody. After 2 years of PE (with alternate effort) trying almost all without seeing any appreciable result, I want to suggest only 2 things:
1) Quit smoking. It was demonstrated on rats that also secondhand smoking has dangerous effects on corpora cavernosa (Göçmez et al., 2005).
2) Do physical exercise. 1 hour running session 5 days a week has benefical effects on penis corpora cavernosa, as demonstrated on rats (Claudino et al., 2004).
You can find these works at pubmed (
Although I will continue to PE (for obvious irrational causes), I don’t believe in the promises of PE. Moreover, I think that is necessary that someone adds some scientific data on the subject.
The two things I wrote (the only 2 for now that are no BS) were already well-known.

Saluti. Cheers.


I’ve gained about .75 inches in girth over many years of pumping. I have been pumping for about 8 years. I don’t jelq much, but I do try to in between pumping sets, and in the shower.

I use a 1.75 inch diameter cylinder. When I started it would take me about an hour or more to pack the tube. I think I was about 4.75 ” girth.
Now I pack the tube just a couple minutes after I start pumping. I am now 5.5” girth and maybe more. I haven’t measured lately.

Between pumping sets I will do 30-50 jelqs, then work up an erection. Then I will do manual clamps and squeezes to inflate my erection.
When I go back into the tube I can barely fit inside.

Originally Posted by ModestoMan
My first workouts were very easy—30 seconds of stretching each way and 50 or so jelqs. I would warm up and down with a wet, hot washcloth. Every few days to a week, I would increase the time and intensity.

After about 2 months, I worked up to 20 minutes or so of stretching and 400-500 jelqs. From there, I added very intense squeezes (gripping as low as I possibly could on my shaft, kegeling, and squeezing like mad). Eventually, I added a second hand to the squeeze. Once the first hand was in place, I would (very gently) start squeezing from the other end—near the glans.

I started at 6.5 BPEL. During the first 3 months or so, I reached 7.0. Over the following year or so, I worked up to 7.5. Nowadays, my best erections are around 7.6 BPEL. I’m currently in the midst of a long break from PE, but I may start up again in a couple of months.

Great job, ModestoMan! If I may inquire, how often did you/do you do your workouts? I ask because your routine of some stretching and lots of jelqing is what I’m concentrating on. I’m currently on a 3 day a week routine or thereabouts.

Pump N Clamp is your answer, along with plenty of jelqing and squeezes to hit you midshaft and head. If you pump and clamp right at the base, your base measurement will likely shoot up 0.5 inch in a few weeks if that. Nothing packs on girth like pump n clamp.


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