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Looking for some Quick Advice ... (Girth)

Looking for some Quick Advice ... (Girth)

Hey Guys …

I’m new to the forums, and I was just looking for some advice on a minor issue. I have only had sex with one person (I’m only 18), and I couldn’t get her there. I would last from 10 minutes to nearly and hour and 10 minutes, and I couldn’t get her off. I always have been kind of ashamed of my “size”, but mostly of my girth. So I checked into those average size survey’s anyone can find online and I ran into what I believe to be my problem. I am 6” when erect (a little over when at my climax stages), and about 3.5” when flaccid. Now here is the problem, I am about 4.25” girth wise. I was reading how most men are about 4.9 - 5.1” girth. This initially scared me, and I was just curious on two things concerning this issue:

Is it most likely my penis is still growing (I am guessing not)?

If not, can anyone suggest the best and most safe way to get my penis into the 5” girth range?

I’m embarassed to ask a doctor or talk to my friends about stuff, and I am just looking to get myself up to par. I am not looking to try and be 10” stacked with a girth the size of Texas, just to get on the playing field in order to be better in bed.

Thanks guys.

You have come to the right place man! Jelqing is great for girth and is definately safe for newbies. Just start a dry or wet jelqing routine at first. Then you can move on to some Uli sqeezes and Horse squeezes which are great for girth. Be sure and Jelq for a couple months to get your dick used to the workload. Jelqing alone can provide great gains. You will hit 5 inches if you really want it. Good luck.


First of all Welcome to Thunder’s.

At your age, it is quite possible that your penis is still growing, so no matter what exercises you choose to do, be careful and listen to your body.

Philadelph is right, jelqs are a great exercise but the best exercise I would advocate is that of exercising the mind. Read anything and everything in the Newbie Forum and learn, learn, learn. Pay particular attention to the “Most Important Newbie Threads” at the top of the Newbie forum.

I understand that this may not be the kind of response you were looking for, but believe me, it will empower you to do anything you want (penis wise:) )

Welcome, Hopesfall:

Girth is easy, man. Length takes longer. Make sure you have made your length goals before starting with heavy girth workouts. Because girth gains will slow up length gains, or so saith Bib and other elders, with whom I happen to agree. I gained a lot of girth real quick at the expense of stalling my length gains. And I agree with what was aid above, you are young, possibly still growing. I wouldn’t worry too much about girth right now, anyway. Just doing manual PE for penis health is probably all you need for now. However, once you have toughened up your dick a little with jelqing if you still are interested with gaining girth, check out my Flaccid hang and girth routine in hangers forum. Only if you use my routine take it easy on the erect bends, and 440s should only be done after some conditioning, and don’t sleep with your dick wrapped at leat not until you bevcome more experinced. For now most productive and safest thing would be stay with the hand jelqs. I gained some girth just with those.

Good Luck

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No Nukes

Hmm I know this thread is supposed to be for hopesfall but I have a question on the same topic.

What the heck is it about gaining girth that makes it harder to gain in length? I’ve heard “work on length first” before but I really don’t like that idea.. I’m mainly conserned with girth, I’d rather keep my 6 incher and get my self over the 5” girth mark than wait any longer to get my girth up there I think.

But then, I’ve been thinking about how my penis is thicker towards the bottom and how if I stretched more often I could maybe “bring that girth further from the surface” where it could be used more often during sex, has anyone noticed this happen?

In anycase, I think I’ll be doing both length and girth at the same time but I’d love some feedback, especially about bringing girth to the surface.

thanks guys
ps: Big Girtha, holy crap you made awesome gains, how long’d that take?

Sorry no one pointed you to the Tutorials section of the site, all techniques and routines are free information on this site, awesome heay!

Link to bad forum (forumid 33) removed

you should really look for the begginers routine post, I’m not sure exactly where it is though.

BTW 18 is a great time to start, even if you are still growing, adding these excersizes will only increase the rate of growth. One last thing, I don’t want to offend Big Girtha but, if I were you I’d go for both length and girth to start with. I’m in the same position, I’m under the 5” average mark and I really just want to get to the average mark, then keep going if I feel like it.

You’re a tad over average in length but a bit under average in girth so here’s my advice, work on both length and girth, but start with the newbie routine, it’s very important you don’t injure your self of course.


I have always aimed at gaining length first, but have always gained girth also.

So Hopesfall, aim for length and see what happens. If you begin to gain length quickly, but no girth, than go for girth also.

Newbies are generally pointed in the direction of length first because as you gain girth, you have a greater cross sectional area of tissue you will need to stretch in order to gain length.

Obviously, its your dick and therefore your call, but I would (and did) go for length first. Naturally, if girth really has you worried, improve that, but don’t get too carried away.


Sorry, guess we really took over your thread. But learning is what it is all about and this is all stuff you can use. I agree that you are not too young to start. If I’d know about PE at your age my dick would be dragging the ground by now. Also I didn’t mean to discourage you from working girth if that is your goal. I’m just saying that a thick dick is harder to stretch than a thinner one. Remember you will be gaining some girth from jelqing, and although stretching and hanging basically works length, some base girth gains will come from that also. What I’m saying is as a newbie I wouldn’t worry too much about the routines that specifically work girth right now: Such as: Ulis, Erect Bends, Horse 440s and pumping. These are the exercises that really work girth exclusively and concentrating entirely on these methods may make it hard for you to gain any more length. But if you are happy with your length and want only to add girth, go for it. But read and educate yourself before beginning some of the more harsh routines. Read all the sticky notes. Read everything the Vets have written. Read Bib’s History, and everything he has to say. Find you LOT and get busy. Just remember you only have one dick, keep it healthy.

Jimmy RM: no offence taken. I understand how you feel. It is very tempting to work both girth and length together. I do it myself, although I DO feel it is sometimes counter productive. I guess I just feel like saying to this young man what old farts always say to the young, “Do as I say, not as I do.”


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No Nukes

I don’t think getting up to a respectable 5 or 5.25 would hinder length gains too much. It would make you feel more confident. I think when you get more along the lines of 6 inches girth it becomes much tougher to gain length,

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