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Looking for some help

Looking for some help

Hey guys

I’m just starting off over here and would like some advice from the experts

I have a 5.1” penis and would like to get to at least 6

With a bit more width tho

What is the best way to start?

START HERE ——-> NEWBIE ROUTINE <——- Important Newbie Threads/Info

For Newbies, that is the only place to start. Welcome to Thunders! Follow that routine for a minimum of 3 months to condition your penis to exercise and not masturbation. Your goal is reachable and very doable.

Once again welcome to Thunders.

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Hey sunshinekid

I’ve done jelq in the past but now I’m trying to get more serious about it..

I think this website is a great site specially for ppl like me

Do you think I should be jelq for 3 months before I move to something else?


In PE, like on the stock market, let the trend be your friend. So start with the newbie routine, and you will probably see some gains. Then keep doing what you are doing until the grains subside, whereupon you up the routine a tad. Jumping on to heavy duty stuff will result in a “strong” dick - one that is strong at your current size.

regards, mgus

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Hi Coremister:

Welcome from another Newbie, and one about your size and looking for also for a 6!

If we both stick with the Newbie Routine, and I am sure that we both will eventually achieve our goals.


Coremister, welcome to the best PE site. Good luck with your journey to 6”. Just remember don’t rush anything, be patient, and consistent and the gains will come.


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