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Looking for mushrooms

Looking for mushrooms

Hey, Guys. I really like the look of a nice fat mushroom head, which is not what I’ve got. Right now it’s fairly well balanced, I guess, but as I (hopefully) gain girth I want to make sure my head keeps up. In fact, I wouldn’t mind at all if it were proportionately bigger. I have done a number of searches, but haven’t turned up quite what I’m looking for, so if anyone has any thoughts or can point me to the right threads, I’d appreciate it. My specific questions are: Is my head likely to keep up with the rest of my dick in terms of growth with basic exercises, or does it need some special attention? and: Are there exercises specifically to make glans gains? Thanks!

To Ganymede - NYC

Welcome, Ganymede!

I’ll try answer your questions concerning the points my personal experience allows.

When I was a young person (25 y.o.+-), I did a annotation of my penis measures(full erect):

Head girth - 4-7/8’ (12,5cm) ; mid-shaft girth 4-11/16’ (11,8cm) and total length 5-7/8’ (14,8cm)

Since that time, until +- 4 years ago, I didn’t do any PE exercises, except regular masturbation.

So, I began PE exercises taught by my old father, that told me he learned it (when a mature man) from a Spanish friend of Arab origin.

The exercises I practise are essentially dry jelqs and kegels, and simple manual stretches, similar or more simple than the basic routines we find here in Thunders place. EVEN THUS, without a special routine to increase head girth, my actual measures are (full erect):

Head girth - 5-9/16’ - 5-7/8’ (14-15cm); Head length -2’ - 2-3/16’ (5 - 5,5cm). Other measures

are: Mid-shaft girth 5-1/4’ (13,3cm) Base girth 5-9/16’ (14cm) and total length BP 7-1/8 -

7-5/16’ (18-18,5cm).Note: I gained 1/8’ in mid-shaft in 1 month after practise some Thunders girth exercises!

If the above experience can help or answer your doubts, I’ll be content.

Believe it: PE works!

Of course, I want know and experiment more about head growth routines . (I’m a old but very healthy man, so, more gains are not so possible, but welcome!).

My compliments from Brazil.


Bomkara, Thanks for the info. It was good to hear!


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