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Looking for male physician to document progress for research

Looking for male physician to document progress for research

Hi guys. I started PE a couple of years ago and noticed gains but gave it up. I only exercised a short time, so I am back to the original state. I’d like to get back into it, but am interested in having a physician document my length and girth, both flaccid and erect.

For posterity, I am also interested in measuring ejaculation strength, volume and distance before, during and after completion of a PE program.

So there’s no confusion, I am not just some sicko with a doctor-fetish. These findings are important to me as they could eventually assist me with completion of my Masters.

I know the obvious answer is to ask my own physician, but I’ve had him for years, and it’s just not his thing. He’s got a very busy family practice and this is not the type of thing that can be done in-office.

I am 32 years old, and ready to begin this experiment at any time. I require a male physician to assist me, and would very much appreciate sincere and interested replies only.

What about asking a local urologist to help? Not sure if they will be willing, but that’s where I’d start.

Go see a urologist that specializes in male sex, thats the best advice I can give, but it sounds like a good idea.

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I would try a urologist who is not biased for surgery as a means of penis enhancement and I would strongly suggest to him to include a sex therapist in the office as a joint consultation to help monitor the progress as well as to provide protection to the professional environment of the study.

I suggest using Viagra as the means of arousal, taken at - let’s say - an hour prior to the periodic measurement sessions since Viagra is well accepted in that role. That way the urologist doesn’t have to put in his report that you had to beat off to arousal in the waiting room cause that’s where the TV is with the VCR with the porno tape that you popped into it. Or that the sex therapist, who happens to be a busty female, had to expose herself in front of you to get hard.

Good luck, pioneer! And make sure you use hanging as part of your routine. Also, don’t pump since there’s too many people here that can attest to the temporary nature of its gains ( although it feels so good ).
As an important study such as this one, you need to eliminate anything that looks snake-oilish such as temporary gains that would cause skepticism in the eyes of the medical community.

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