Looking for help.

Hey guys, a while back I sustained an injury that may or may not have been caused by PE but has really consumed me for the past few months.

I’ll briefly explain the symptoms. My chief complaint is that it feels as if something is wrapped around my urethra and sometimes is closing it like the end of a straw. This isn’t as painful as it sounds as it doesn’t bother me unless I am starting a stream, and sometimes when I push as I am urinating it burns/hurts as if I am pushing something out, like a stone. I also cannot get/haven’t been able to get full erections in longer than I can remember.

The problem seems to stem from a lumpy, very veiny, mass near the base of my penis and close to my left testicle, only one side feels like this. After close examination it really appears and definitely feels as if the left side of my penis is getting no blood. The right side seems to be okay but on the left I can feel many vein-like structures near the base and scrotum which are painful (sore) to touch. If I touch these areas by penis will get very hard, not erect just hard, and will sometimes curve. I am able to get partial erections and there are times when it feels as if this side engorges and I am able to get an okay erection. Something else that I have also noticed is that my scrotum no longer tightens to my body during an erection. There are times when even a cold shower won’t result in that effect.

The doc suggesting that it may be a psychological problem has also crossed my mind but it seems as if the problem has so many physiological signs that I just don’t know.

I have taken every antibiotic under the sun as the docs have thought it was everything from an STI to a prostate infection.

As an aside. Here are some crazy maybes that have crossed my mind. This seems to have started when I started doing kegels exercises, is it possible that I may have overtrained one side and haven’t given it enough time to recover? Although my erections aren;t great I do masturbate quite often, many times daily, and always lefty, the curve is towards the left side, could my death grip be the cause? Cause circulation problems perhaps?

This has been really bothering me for some time now, I can’t even have sex with my girlfriend and don’t, at least, know why. Hope you all can help out a guy who’s at the end of his rope.