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Looking for help with extender modifications.

Looking for help with extender modifications.

Hey everybody. As you can see I’m new to the site. Well I spent a couple months lurking before signing up. Lol . But I’m sure I’m not the only 1 here who started out bashful or hesitant.

I’ve always lightly did P.E. In the form of stretching & a few light jelqs. (My dick does not like jelqing or I just really have trouble getting the technique down)
But anyways for one life reason or another. Relationship, kids, work etc. I’ve never been able to commit to it to the extent that I would like to.. Which has recently changed for me, so id like to give this an honest go.

Anyways. Lemme just get on with it. I have an erect lenght of 7.25 in. To 7.5 in. & Erect girth of 5.5 in.
Flacid length of 5 in. & Girth of 4.5 in. Or a lil above. Id like to see an inch gain in length & girth over the next year. & If my new privacy holds out longer hopefully I can hit he 9 in. Mark :)

My plans is to start out with some stretching, up, down, left, right, 30 sec. To loosen the ligs up. & Then basically let the extender do what it does. (Wrapping in basic gauze pads & foam insert provided). I wouldn’t mind trying some hanging if I could build or find a comfortable enough design. Which is basically my problem with the extender as well. Does P.E. Have to be this uncomfortable?

I have an older model X4 labs extender.2006 or 07 (still in good shape cause I never really had a chance to use it) The problem is.. It’s so god awful uncomfortable. I’m using the thick rubber strap, cause the noose style I don’t see how any human could with stand the pain. Lol . In which the rubber straps not to bad. But I have to take it off to give the glans a rest after about an hr. Due to numbness & discoloration. Which is a real pain putting your unit into the attachment to begin with.

My glans also like to slip out of the rubber strap attachment. & The more tension I add the faster it loosens. I have slowed the process of the loosening by adding a medium sized binder clip to the back of the rubber strap attachment, But I still have to re tighten periodically. I like the comfortable look of a lot of the vacu head attachments, But I am a bit confused on how to go about making my own. Yes I’ve seen some pics posted on some of the DIY designs. But no one is really going into the specifics of materials used. Or maybe I’m just bad at navigating the site, In which case I apologize.

I also came across monkeybars thread on the produciton of his vacu hanger. This looks very comfortable & I wouldn’t mind purchasing 1 if these. But when I click on the link. It says site is retired. But still has a section where I can place an order. Are these still available for order?
& If not are there any similar products I can order? I know that’s kind of a dumb question. But when I do a Google search I’m not really coming up with much either.
& Can’t afford to spend $250 to buy an LG.

Once again I apologize for anything I mite have over overlooked due to being a noob. & I appreciate any & all advice or constructive crtitcism. Regarding my routine or anything I can do to make it more comfortable .

Best regards couchpotato.

Hi mate.

I had an x4 extender and also gave up due to the discomfort of the so called comfort strap.

My best advice is save yourself a lot of grief and get a vac mod from monkeybar, the site is still working.

I’ve been using the new vac hanger for a month or so and although there is a bit of a learning curve it’s the only way to go.

If you need advice on exactly what to buy ask in his product thread or PM him, his customer service is great.

Hi Couch,

Like capernicus said you could get monkeybar’s modified VacExtender, I think he’s on version 4.2 or something now, but you might want to e-mail him to make sure your x4 is compatible. On the other hand if you are uncircumcised you could also get a VLC-tugger (as an ADS or for your extender) which uses the foreskin as suction so you have very little constrictive pressure placed on the glans which means much better circulation when wearing.

I’m not sure if many would recommend hanging yet. I think the key the P.E. is to be take it steady and not to overtrain. Good luck with your gains! :)

07/10/14 - 6.5" BPEL - 5.5" MsEG

29/01/15 - 7" BPEL - 5.5" MsEG

12/10/17 - 7.4" BPEL - 5.6" MsEG

Sorry guys. I’ve had a family member in the hospital so I kind of forgot all about this. I messaged Monkeybar. & Got a link to his site.

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