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Looking for gains as a quadriplegic . . .


Looking for gains as a quadriplegic . . .

Hi everyone,
I started lurking thunder’s some time after breaking my neck a few years ago. I thought I was resigned to having lousy EQ, but kegel exercises plus a bit of jelqing actually got me to a decent place - fairly normal spontaneous erections, but I still often need to take Cialis for the act itself. I’m posting today because I’ve had issues with erect length.

My core issue, as I see it, relates to the ‘turtling’ we all get in cold weather. The spasms I get from my paralysis exaggerate this pull, and more often than not, but especially when I’m aroused, everything tightens up. I lose about an inch and a half from where I once was, and even worse, my erection is held so tight to my pubic bone that I can’t bend it any further than ~ 80 degrees from my chest. I know a lot of these exercises are designed to loosen and lengthen the suspension ligaments, so my gut feeling is if I can do those I should make good progress in returning to my original length.

The hitch is, both of my arms are pretty weak, and only my left hand is really functional. Jelqing has been less effective because I can’t really alternate between hands, and you can imagine most of the manual exercises suffer similarly. Ideally, I’d like a mostly passive device that will allow me to get a good workout without requiring too much input. I know from reading many threads that there is no easy way to get gains, but I think I may be an exception due to the circumstances above. Does anybody have experience with something similar? Am I totally off the mark? I’d appreciate any feedback or advice, and most importantly, thanks for the tips on getting my erections back in the first place - I owe you guys big.

Welcome 7goingon9.

If you want to lenghten your ligs, I think the more spontaneous thing that comes in mind is hanging. Now I don’t know how much it is doable for you, I suppose if only one hand is really working it could be hard find a way to wear the device; if you overcome this problem, I think it can work pretty well - I mean, a belt to fix your upper body to your chair (I suppose you can’t hang standing), a bungee cord and it’s done.

Another thing that could help and maybe is more doable for you would be using a pump. Maybe you should explain more extensively which movements you can do and which not, if it is clear what I mean.

Thanks marinera. I’m an incomplete quad, so I can actually walk a bit. I’ve definitely thought about a pump - I think since it will apply tension regardless of arousal it may be my best bet. If I get one just slightly bigger than me, so it doesn’t take much to pack it, do you think that would be a safe stretch without (or at least with fewer of) some of the other associated risks of pumping? I don’t like the idea of hanging, just because I’m not that steady on my feet (walk with crutches) and spend most of my time sitting anyway. Are any of the brace-type extension devices legitimate? Something I can do while sitting or laying down would be best.

Risks of pumping are somewhat low on the PE scale - I mean, if you overdo you can have bad erection quality for some days but not much more; just be sure to read carefully the pumping 101 thread and ask if you have any doubts. By what I’ve read, I’ve made the idea that, while pumping is not the best way to achieve big gains, it can be very helpful for regaining lost size and erection quality. It does stretch mildly ligs also.

Brace-type extension devices, I think you are referring to penis extenders - it’s pretty hard to wear these devices, actually the most often complaint about them is that you need three hands to wear them. :) But yes, they do work on most of people. They don’t work that much on ligs, though.

You can do manual stretching also, of course.

If jelqing with one hand is a problem there is the power jelq device (pretty much a jar lifter with padded braces, actually, with a little bit of work you can do it by yourself) - it reliefs fatigue from your hand and can be used with one hand.

Pumping + jelqing can be an effective routine if you build it up slowly in time and intensity.

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I think I’ll go with the pump then, to start. If I remember correctly, the Boston pumps are supposed to be good, but I’ll read through again to be sure. I’ll also start with the power jelq, but every jelq workout seems to include some type of stretching/ extension. Am I going to be at a huge loss by not doing that, or will time only tell? My BPEL is 7”, give or take, whereas when I’m totally relaxed my flaccid stretched length gets to 8.5” Do you think a reasonable goal would be for my BPEL to reach what my stretched flaccid is now? It seems like those two are the same for most people.

I think for most of people BPFSL > BPEL. It is not that important though, there are even guys which BPFSL < BPEL , strange it could sound. Somebody believe that if your BPFSL<BPEL than you should focus on length exercises - not sure if this hypothesis was ever proved rigth. Other than that, no differences by what I know.

If I understand correctly, your problem is more about the NBPEL, because spasms make your penis retract into your body. I don’t know exactly how this happens, but I guess a pump can help because it can somewhat lose tissues and ligs.

About the best brand of pumps I really can’t help, I’m not a ‘professional pumper’ - I’ve heard Lapdist pumps are good, but before buying one try asking in the pumpers forum or pm this fellow

or Avocet.

Jelqs alone can give both length and girth gains and are good for erection quality; stretching is more focused on length. If you are 7” BP, than you are already long, I don’t think you have a problem in that department.

If you have any doubts, just ask around here, people are willing to help each other on this forum. And keep us updated, if you don’t mind.

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I know I should be happy with what I’ve got, but none of us here are! I’d like to make up for lack of physical prowess with a solidly big dick. The angle thing is also a hindrance - when girls try fellatio they can’t get in a great position. Then again, if I can meet those goals, I’ll probably start trying for a 10x7 anyway!

Haha, yeah true. Maybe this device could help you performing stretches
Redi-Stretcher PE Tool

anyway I’d suggest trying one thing at time or you’ll end buying $10,000 of PE stuff. :D

Seriously, the more I think at it the more I guess pumping could be the best choice for you and who knows, maybe you will not need anything else.

I think you’re right. Pumping with a cock ring might also be superior to cialis for me to ‘force’ an erection. But whatever I do, I don’t want my EQ to suffer - I don’t want to be dependent on anything but thoughts of fine women to get me going. I think if I go beyond the pump, that redi-stretcher is the way to do it. Ought to make things much easier for me.

Read this thread if you haven’t already
Vacuum Pumping 101

alway remember to not raise the pressure too much and don’t overdo - pumping is so kind on the penis that people can underestimate the stress. Consistency is the key in PE, overwork is the biggest enemy.

Other than that, what I can say? Oh, of course: good luck!

How things are going?

They’ve been good so far. I got a 9x2 LA pump, and pack the bottom 2.5” pretty much immediately. I’m staying at or below 5”hg, and have been building up time and sessions. I’m doing 4 or 5 10 min sessions through the day now at the most. I haven’t had much serious fluid expansion, but definitely have had some expansion. However, I pump to 7”, whereas my max BPEL is 7.5.” Obviously I’ve just started, so I’m not expecting to be totally “used” to pumping, but I had hoped I could target length a bit more specifically. I guess I’ll have to wait a bit until I pack the tube out fully. I’ve brought up the pressure for very short durations to 8 or 9 inhg and got the full 7.5.” As everybody recommends staying low, I’ll just wait it out. I have noticed a marginal increase in length while in the pump, so I suspect in a month or less I should get that full 7.5” under safe, low pressure.

Is there any danger inherent to routinely packing a cylinder? I know that if I’m doing so just through fluid expansion I won’t see any lasting gains, but as I want length I’m okay with that. The cylinder is slightly larger than I was expecting, so packing it fully would be a fairly significant expansion. I just want to be sure that this low pressure expansion is safe. I wet jelq before, between, and after each set. My EQ has been at least as good if not better as well, so I think I’m on a good track. Thanks for your advice!

From what I understand, longer duration lower pressure pumping is better than shorter duration higher pressure pumping. No reason for low pressure expansion not to be safe. :)

Do you have a girlfriend/wife? Ever considered asking them to help?

Start • 5.94''x4.92''

Now • 6.50''x4.96''

Goal • 7.00''x5.75''

Glad to hear it, thanks. I’m single now, so I wouldn’t get enough of a workout from my current FWBs. I do usually get something similar to PE as foreplay however; wet jelqing is usually how I get hard (I can’t always get spontaneous erections.) Maybe I can convince my insurance I need a professional hand?

Originally Posted by 7goingon9
… Maybe I can convince my insurance I need a professional hand?

Well, you could consider becoming a UK citizen
‘Angry virgin’ scores at taxpayers’ expense


Your routine sounds good to me. No dangers in low pressure sessions, although ‘low’ is somewhat specific to any individual I guess. If the cylinder is too narrow, so you can pack it everytime, I think is time to go on a bigger cylinder, becuase friction can cause blisters (they would disappear after few days, anyway, but better avoid them).

Since when your EQ tends to improve, you are on the right track.

A good idea could be starting a progress report thread, to keep track of your workouts and have support and advice of other members.


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