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Looking for advice

Looking for advice

I just started researching the whole jelqing and stretching idea to adding length and girth. What I was wondering if there was any advice that any of you all would be willing to share with a newbie.

Also according to the visualizer website I am BPEL is 6.5 in and EG is 5in and my goal is to try and reach BPEL 8-9in and EG 6-7in. I am also aware that it will take some time to reach that goal length and girth but is it feasible for me to reach that goal or am I over reaching?

From what I have seen on these forums, getting that much girth will take more time than achieving your length goals. While it may be highly improbable, never think that gaining that much is impossible. Also, it’s great that you’re aiming big, but remember to set some milestones in order to keep yourself motivated. As for advice on routines, take it slow until you know what’s what about your penis, because it seems like everyone is different.

Yea I have been reading the newbie guide tonight to help learn the do’s and do nots. As far as mile stones I have a few already set and in all honesty id be happy with making it to 7in only .5 to go plus the cement time but I can honestly see this being a life long thing due to the add health benifits from doing it not to mention the gains and girth is not to big of a deal to me in that area I think I’m ok just figured I would try to increase it with the length.

8 x 5,75 in 18 - 24 months is an excellent mark

Yea my 3-6 month goal is to reach 7in length and as far as girth goes well any increase is good not to worried about it but won’t turn down girth gains lol. By the way amazing profile pic.


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