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Looking for advice

Looking for advice

I have tried jelqing before and it seem to work but are there any faster gains out there?

Do newbie routine first for 2-3 months then you can go to more intense workouts for faster gains.

Faster? Maybe. It’d cost you thousands of dollars; of course you’d be taking the chance of causing your best show of manhood to malfunction.

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Patience. If there were ways for faster gains out there, then PE would be a much more common practice, and EVERYBODY around the world would be increasing their penis size. ;) Gains come to those who work hard for it, who are patient, and most of all, who are dedicated.

You have to be in a long-term state of mind. But until then, just do the newbie routine for 3 months to condition your penis. WHAT’S 3 MONTHS? It’s nothing. 3 months will pass and you’ll think, ‘wow, 3 months is up already?’ And you’ll have a conditioned penis that will be ready for more intense exercises.

And the chances of gaining while on the newbie routine are high (though it should be noted that some people don’t gain. So don’t be disappointed if you don’t. If you don’t, atleast you will have a conditioned penis to be able to try out all sorts of new routines to see what works for you.)

Good luck!

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Wow any thing that’s done fast is not so good. All the tings that take some time are better! You will see, slowly but to perfection :D


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