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Looking for a review of my workout.

Looking for a review of my workout.

Hello, Thunders and thanks for reopening registration! I have perused this site for two months now and am quite impressed with the high standards the site moderators uphold. It is my pleasure to be a part of this community!

Although I have pe-ed a bit in the past, I have now been seriously pe-ing for almost two months now. I started with the newbie routine and have adapted it to what I feel I can handle. I have added additional exercises and stretches periodically and continue to intensify my workouts on a weekly basis. I started at 7” BPEL and about 5” Girth and although I have not measured since, I have definitely had an increase in both, most likely due to “newbie gains.” I am very excited about the gains, albeit small. I am also quite pleased with my EQ and muscular appearance of my penis due to the exercises and stretches I employ.

My routine is as follows:

** Warm up (rice sock or infrared lamp)
** 9 point 30 second stretches: 2 sets by 30 secs on each point
** Rotary Stretches: 2 sets of 30 seconds
** 9 Point Jai Stretches: 1 set of 15 X 2 sec pulls on each point
** Bundle Stretches: 2 sets of 30 secs (one each way)
** Inverted V Stretch: 2 sets of 30 secs
** DLD Blasters: 25 reps

** Overhand Jelqs: 100 reps
** V Jelqs: 100 reps
** Hold Jelqs: 50 reps (one hand grips the base while jelqing)
** Squeezes: 20 reps of 10 secs (grab base with pinky and slowly wrap all fingers while squeezing to increase pressure in upper shaft and head)
** Horse 440s: 10 reps at 10 secs each
** Reverse Jelq: 25 reps

I do this either two days on and one day off or every other day, depending on my schedule. On off days I still stretch and I also wear The Anchor about 10 hours per day. I like this product as I feel keeping my flaccid in an extended state will help with length in the long run. It is also quite pleasurable with a nice pull throughout the day. I also do kegels and reverse kegels rotating every day.

For supplements I take my daily regimen of vitamins and minerals as well as 2 gr Arginine, 250 mg Carnitine, and 500 mg Lysine.

I am fifty years old and in very good physical shape (weightlifting and cardio) with a very active sex life. My wife has commented numerous times on my improved penis. She claims that it looks and feels bigger and definitely hangs lower when flaccid.

I would love some feedback from some of the old pros here on my workout and frequency. I am most interested in length right now. I feel it is working and I have not suffered any injury. I have not remeasured as I do not want to get discouraged. I am riding a high right now and quite focused. I will remeasure when I feel I am closer to my ultimate goal which is 8 X 6.

Finally, I wanted to ask about the use of Niacin. I have never seen it mentioned here but as a member now I know I can use the search function. It seems that Niacin employed 30 minutes before a workout could be a great catalyst in gains. Any offered opinions would be welcome.

I need to step out for a couple of hours but will check back in tonight. I look forward to reading your replies.

Thanks again, Thunders!

Welcome hard8.

It seems you are doing a lot of work to me - too much? I can’t say for sure. Your PI’s are good?

Thanks marinera for your expeditious reply! I have always enjoyed your clever retorts when members stepped out of line!

My PIs are fine. I have had no problems except for some small bruises (spots) here and there. The entire workout takes me about 40 minutes and I feel great afterwards. I think the secret of the good EQ, at least for me, are the rest days. Like I wrote, I am either 2 on and 1 off or every other day (I stretch everyday, however). I have been very careful and have added exercises only when I felt I was up for it.

What do you think about Niacin?

I am running out but will read your reply later.

Thanks, marinera! Look foward to picking your brain as I move forward!

I agree that rest days are very important if you are doing an heavy routine.

About, niacin, it’s the vitamin B3; if you suspect you have deficiency of that vitamin, taking supplements won’t harm; otherwise, it’s not a good idea, since niacin can be toxic:

More generally, I think supplements are a waste of money; the only backup for this opinion is that most of big gainers weren’t using any supplements, by what I know.

Marinera, I would think that niacin in lower dosages, well below toxic levels, would still be a plus to pe by relaxing the arteries and veins enabling more blood flow. Do you think that a lower dosage there would be some benefit?

Also, do you feel I should reduce my workout and just concentrate on the basics more? I would think that since I do not have any negative PIs that I would be OK with my current regimen. I am looking for length specifically right now. Any advice from you or any other veterans would be appreciated.

If you are having gains, don’t change a thing. :)

Thanks for the advice!

The only thing I can suggest is you throw in a couple of 100 - 200 kegels a day, they’ll make you feel even better and give you even better EQ. You can do them any time, personally I do them here and there throughout the day whenever I get the chance, but they can also be beneficial during PE while doing girth exercises.

Also another hot wrap AFTER your routine will help kick start the healing process.

Other than that your routine looks great and very well rounded. It sounds like you are very focused and having a great time!

Keep up the good work, the wife will be in tears in no time! Haha :)

Hi tweek13!

Thanks for your input! So, in addition to my workout, I should also do an additional 100-200 kegels per day? Right now I rotate kegels and reverse kegels every other day. Do you feel the reverse kegels are necessary? And, if not, should I do kegels everyday or take rest days?


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