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Looking for 8x6 penis pics....

Looking for 8x6 penis pics....

Hi all,

Let me first say that I’m not gay, but I tried posting this in the pics section but it says I don’t have that privelege yet, which is wierd since I’ve been a member on this site for quite awhile now!? Anyways, I’m just wondering what an 8x6 penis looks like and I was wondering if some of you’s that are super close to 8x6 or at 8x6 if you would care to post your pics up so that I could see what my target size would look like. Currently Im 7.0x5.2 I know I’m not too far from my goal but it amazes me how much a little bit of increase in size makes a big difference!! Hopefully some of you’s that are super close or at 8x6 would be willing to post your pics up so I can see, thanks for the support and good luck to all.

Hey malice,

You’re welcome to post this question whether you’re gay or not :)

Unfortunately it’s very hard to tell what an 8x6 penis will look like on *you* until you get there. Your best bet might be to post a picture of your dick in the Pictures forum (I think you might be able to now that you have 20 posts) and ask the Photoshop experts to blow it up to 8x6 for you. As long as you provide your current measurements, it will be easy for some of the guys here to give you a preview of your future penis.

To fulfill your actual request, I was at 8x6 in the last photo I posted: Progress Pic - Hanging Works!

You could always go to your local porn shop with a tape measure and find a 8 x 6 dildo, buy it, and use it as a visualization tool hanging out of your pants!

Maybe I’m a freak (who said that?) but I do.

Para has an amazing penis. Very much what I want my unit to grow to

Here is my last pic post, I have a 8.5bp x 6 midshaft in these pics.

Here is the link! My New 8.5 x 6 Dick!

Althogh it may be more expensive then the others I thin the dildo Idea would be best since visual images are the ones that stick best for most.

Gee, looking at it makes me cowed. I’ll attain that kind of size. But I’ll try my best!

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I’m just at 8x6 (whcih feels really good by the way) and you can see my pic here:

ebon00: comparison pic

It’s a comparison shot with an object you can find pretty much anywhere (if you have the legal age) so you can just pick one up and see what 8” BPEL would look like.

2010-01-09: BPEL: 19,7cm [7.75"] EG: 15,0 cm [5.9"]

2010-04-24: BPEL: 20,4cm [8.0"] EG: [???]

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