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Looking at your size as an object!

Looking at your size as an object!

Let me get this clear first I am happy with penis and just want more because as someone quoted on here recently “i want what all men want. i just want it more.” (Troy)

I was looking around for objects (cylinders) because I’m experimenting with different fulcrums. I picked up a deodorant can and thought that’s my ideal size right there and got my tape out to see what size it was and I’m honestly really shocked. The can is 7”x 5 4/8”, I am 7 4/8”x 5 4/8” (More like 9/16”).

Its funny because porn and even the size threads on Thunders about 5.5” and 6” girth and 7” length being big or not sometimes makes me think oh I need 10x7 to be hung when all along I’m really over my ideal size. I know that a cylinder is a different shape to the penis but still its pretty amazing. I probably sound like an excited boy but I am excited and I really think this will change how i Look at PE now, anything I gain is just a bonus and theres other things to work on like eq and so on.

Anyone ever had a feeling of a break through like this, changing your frame of mind with pe?

Ah yes the deodorant can, I’ve grown quite fond of mine (although it’s been empty for some time now :P).

Pretty much the same dimensions as yours, well 5.6” girth, looks pretty impressive to me. The Idea of putting that whole thing in your mouth is ridiculous.

If I could reach that NBP, I would be sooo happy (voiceover by Craig from Southpark in your head please).
BPEL I’m almost there.

Start 06.2012 BPEL: 6.1" EG: 5.3" Current BPEL: 7.1" EG: 5.6" Goal BPEL: 7.5" EG: 6"

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