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Looking at Curvature PE history

Looking at Curvature PE history

Hey everyone! I am Sound Edge, and this is my first post/thread. I will discuss my short PE history and how it could relate to a recently obtained curvature.

Before attempting PE I had a straight dick. After jelqing for a couple of weeks, I felt that my right CC was developing at a faster rate than my left CC. By the end of a month or so, I had acquired a curve that more or less points to 11 O’clock. Now I know curvature isn’t that big of a deal, but I loathe it. So I began stretching and jelqing opposite the curve. Over a period of 1.5 months on and off (pausing due to those .125” raised blood spots that I wanted to rest off), I gained .25 inches in mid shaft girth. The majority of this is on the right CC. It made me exceptionally curious because for the previous seven years I had jacked off vigorously with lube with the same hand. Now I know jacking off isn’t PE, but perhaps SO MUCH ever-so-light pressure over time could condition one CC more or less than the other. To the point where some weeks of PE would really spark the development. What are your takes on this?

Even more interesting, I woke up this morning and my dick curved at a full 45 degree angle when semi erect. After giving the little guy a massage, I found that the ligaments on the left side were really tight and the right side was really spongy and loose. When I achieved a full erection recently, it went back to 11 O’clock. Perhaps some more stretches will prevent the curve from developing further. I have paid close attention to my jelqing technique and I don’t feel it has anything to do with that. I just think the right side has the capability of developing more. Any input would be awesome!

I am thoroughly interested in PE and so glad I was finally able to sign up! I have become very interested in pumping recently, so I’m going to buy one today :) . I have high expectations because I love keeping a routine (drumming, working out, and now PE). Either way, it will be good getting to know you all. Thanks!

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Sound Edge

Similiar experience over here: before PE small and uncurved, after my newbie-gains larger, but curved.

There are a few techniques to get rid of that curve. In my case, I’m still curved, but it’s a bit better now.

Basically, try to stretch the shorter side more, and make sure it won’t turn around while stretching.

Then there’s the opposite jelq.

Last but not least, girth gains in general tend to relativize the curvature.




Welcome Sound Edge, and best gains.

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