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look during /after jelqing

look during /after jelqing

Im very new and I tend to lose the 60-80% erection as the session goes on . is this normal? More correctly i lose the erection in the shaft, the glans area stays quite full and purple/red.

im very careful to capture available blood from base and can see blood flowing forward,so i believe im working it correctly.

is it important to maintain erection during jelqing?

Post session penis is vascular,puffy and red. Normal?

Vascular, puffy, and red are normal. Mine looks like it’s very angry that I just mistreated it that way. ;)

To maintain the erection? I just think “happy thoughts”. I also find that by subtly changing my technique I can stimulate myself enough to keep myself at just right level. Is it important to maintain the erection? I don’t know for sure, but everything I’ve read says that it is.

Good luck!

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I tried to jelq with less erection. Guess what, it’s boring.

If I were you, I would back off a bit and enjoy the effect of a fuller jelq. Don’t beat your cock down while you jelq, pump it up!

I often work with a lower erection probably 50-60%, and it’s been working great for me, but I do dry-style jelqs which really work your unit hardcore.

I stroke with lube until erection, then squeeze hard enough to pull skin with my hand as I move up the shaft, I start around 80-90% then keeping working it even when it gets down to 50-60%, for a count of 25 strokes. Then I switch hands and repeat these steps.

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Redwood\'s Progress Report/Routines Thread.

You don’t need to jelq at that full an erection. Many members have got great results jelqing at less than 50% erect.

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I jelq at about 50%

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