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Long term PE users, can I get your opinion....

Long term PE users, can I get your opinion....

Hi guys,

Mainly my routine consists of jelqing, I have a question though so hopefully you long time PE users can shed some of your experiences to help answer my question. Do you think by jelqing at high erection level (80%-90%) compared to jelqing at around a semi erect level (40%-50%) has any effect on the outcome of your gains? Personally I’ve always thought that the more blood trapped inside while jelqing is better because your forcing the chambers inside to hold more volume/blood…but at the same time I figured at a semi erect state your not forcing anywhere near as much volume as with a really high erection level but because of the repeated amount of reps wouldn’t that achieve results also? An answer coming from one who has experiment with both methods would be able to tell me what is the more efficient and better way to gain, thanks for the support!

The conventional wisdom of the day dictates that low erection level gives better length gains, high level is better for girth.

I second the insane man. Hope that inspires confidence.


I made all my jelqing gains, at 30% to 40% erect.


"It's not the getting there but the going that's gotta be good." Varg


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